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Find all our PokemonBlack2ActionReplay Codes for Nintendo DS. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system.

Here are the codes for pokemonblack version 2, enjoy guys! taken from CMP Cheat DB :D PokemonBlack Version 2 (E/U) Game ID : IREO 8E4C1CD6 Emulator User (desmume/No$GBA): Warning!! some codes cannot be disabled even though you uncheck or

PokemonBlack2ActionReplay. Max Money (Press Select). 94000130 FFFB0000.

If I use my dsi actionreplay on Pokemonblack2 and put it in my 3ds will the actionreplay work? Can you get more than one Masterball without using an

This Codes are ActionReplay Codes. To use them you will need a ActionReplay Device. (M) Game ID: IREO-8e4c1cd6 MISCE.., PokemonBlack Version 2 for the Nintendo DS.

Nintendo DS ActionReplay Codes, Pokemon White, PokemonBlack, Super Mario 64 DS, Plants vs Zombies, LEGO Harry Potter, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart.

They were not able to make codes for Black2 and White 2. Can someone please make working codes for Black2 and White 2 that match the events that happened during that time? That would be greatly appreciated. I mostly want to be able to obtain the Wonder Cards (the Pokemon are just a bonus).

Black2 Game ID - IREJ-5a023804 White 2 Game ID - IRDJ-0146c7a8 Wild Pokemon Modifier AR Code: :::Press Select to receive 649 Master Balls and 100 Ultra Balls. Discard Master Balls to meet Pokmon Dex number and discard Ultra Balls to meet le vel. Hold R for the encounter.

PokemonBlack/White ActionReplay. Discussion in 'Cheats & Hints' started by jayw08, Sep 18, 2010.

Best archive of PokemonBlack Version 2 cheats, cheats codes, hints, secrets, actionreplay codes, walkthroughs and guides.

PokemonBlack Version Game ID: IRBJ B39DB08A ::Disable No Exp AP :::Credits to 2ch 52004EA4 E12FFF1E 02004EA4 EAFFFDED

Anyone know any good codes? Im looking for a Random Pokemon Encounter cheat. Where anything can pop up in the grass.

This eBook contains the top 50 actionreplay codes for Pokemonblack2 and white 2 games. There are 4 more extra bonus codes are included in this book which makes a total of 54 codes. All the codes are thoroughly tested and made in a way that you will be mind blown when you see these codes...

PokemonBlack Version and Pokemon White Version feature new Pokemon that players can catch, train and battle as they progress through the game, and some Pokemon can only be caught in one version of the game.

Search This Blog. pokemonblackactionreplay codes us. April 01, 2011. PokemonBlack Version Game ID: IRBJ B39DB08A.

I used an actionreplay code in PokemonBlack2, and it worked. However, even after deleting the code it still won't turn off. What's the solution? I could find only one other thread about this and it didn't have a real answer.

PokemonBlack and White ActionReplay Codes (US:EU) Adventure CodesDocuments.

Liebe User, wollte mal wissen, wann man ActionReplay Codes von Pokemon X erwarten sollte, weil habe paar Pokemon auf Level 50 und so aber

I'm not sure if i'm doing something wrong but here's what i'm doing, I start up dolphin, right click Pokemon XD, Go to properties, AR Codes, click Add, then

ActionReplay ULTIMATE CHEATS POKEMON (includes White & Black) Reviews.