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In the original version Dr. Robotnink wanted to turn Sonic so old he would run slower then a turtle. Of course Scratch and Ground mess things up turning Sonic into a toddler, Tails into a baby and Robotnink into a toddler as well. Before all three turn back and robotnink elderly.

...ofSonictheHedgehog S1E28: Robotnik invents a ray that ages people but when Sonic and Tails are having free samples in Robotnik's Food Factory, Grounder presses the wrong button that turns Sonic, Tails and by mistake Robotnik into babies.

- AdventuresofSonictheHedgehog Season 2 - "MustaBeenaBeautifulBaby, Part 2". written by: Nikki Lynn Roessler

An overly hyper babySonic, a baby Tails that can speak few words, and the bully-like Baby Robotnik are taken to daycare, where they must go the whole day without a time-out until the effects wear off. Scratch and Grounder use multiple disguises to try and trick the owner of the daycare into thinking...

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More MustaBeenaBeautifulBaby (S02E08) is the eighth episode of season two of "The AdventuresofSonictheHedgehog" released on Tue Oct 12, 1993.

Includes: Birth of a Salesman MustaBeenaBeautifulBaby Magnificent Sonic Robo-Ninjas. AdventuresofSonictheHedgehog: Sonic Who.

Season 2 Episode 8 - MustaBeenABeautifulBaby. Air Date : 12th-Oct-1993 Read More.

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“Sonic Says” was originally the ending segment from the cartoon, AdventuresofSonictheHedgehog by DiC, and broadcast in syndication in 1993.

SATURDAY MORNING CARTOON BOOM: This Saturday morning, Joseph and Chris watched AdventuresofSonictheHedgehog, from 1993!

MustaBeenABeautifulBaby. Robotnik invents a Brain Evolution Achievement Negatizer, or B.E.A.N., in order to make all of Mobius stupid.

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Artwork of Knuckles from the ‘SonicTheHedgehog Activity Book’ by Troll Books. 7:12 AM.

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New playable characters join the fun with Sonic: Seen in past Sonic titles, Ray the Flying Squirrel joins the Mania with his

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All in all, AdventuresofSonictheHedgehogisa great show and deserves it's 4-Star score. If you're looking for decent story telling you'd be better

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