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Is thecriminaljusticesystem hopelessly rigged against black men, leading to a disproportionate amount of them ending up in prison?

AfricanAmericansand whites use drugs at similar rates, but the imprisonment rate of AfricanAmericans for drug charges is almost 6 times that of

Thecriminaljusticesystem in the United States has increasingly targeted people of color, more specifically AfricanAmericans, for crimes that

This topic of racial inequality within thecriminaljusticesystem of the United States also known as “the land of the free” has become more and more relevant based upon the rising number of arrests andthe highly populated penal institution mostly occupied by AfricanAmericans.

Population Breakdown within the California CriminalJustice Svstem Currently an average of 45 % of thecriminaljusticesystem population within

Clarence Taylor is Professor and Chair of the Department of Black and Latino Studies at Bernard Baruch College, CUNY, New York, NY.

The United States' criminaljusticesystem is a modern form of tribal warfare.

- AfricanAmericanand Latino Coalition The minority status of AfricanAmericans necessitates the acquisition of allies when seeking substantial political

“Differential Punishing of AfricanAmericansand Whites who Possess Drugs: A Just Policy or a Continuation of the Past?”

AfricanAmericanand American Indian girls have higher rates of placement in juvenile residential detention facilities than those of other racial and/or ethnic groups.

Historically, and still in some ways thecriminaljusticesystem has been biased against AfricanAmericans. Furthermore, it has been noted that

In Black and White: African-Americans in theCriminalJusticeSystem. Racism in theCriminalJusticeSystem – An infographic by the team at

...underappreciated paradoxes of thecriminaljusticesystem: that it devalues both African-American offenders and African-American victims of crime. This is what researchers from the Vera Institute of Justice found was happening in Milwaukee County shortly after Chisholm took over

The biggest offense in the U.S. criminaljusticesystem is that it is an institution based on racial disparity in which African-Americans are openly beleaguered and penalized in a much more destructive manner compared to white people. This paper is an attempt to learn the degree of racism...

Shortly after the release of my first book (AfricanAmericansandtheCriminalJusticeSystem), the Sentencing Project released its findings of AfricanAmericans under the control of thecriminaljusticesystem. Their findings, that 32.2 percent of all AfricanAmerican men in their twenties in the...

African-Americans find themselves at odds with thecriminaljusticesystem by virtue of the high percentage of this segment of society being charged with crimes, and incarcerated. Because of the higher incidences of crime associated with blacks, a degree of profiling has been the fate of many.