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IF one needs waterinacrockpot, it goes into the crock! Never putwater between the crock and the metal housing - that’s just asking for trouble.

If you just put regular oil into acrockpot, the food will be very greasy if youput in too much.

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How To Make CrockPot Baked Potatoes. Wash and dry potatoes. Give each potato a prick with a

If you use boneless skinless chicken breasts in this recipe, you'll need to add some water to the dish before cooking, otherwise

Crockpot soap is sometimes called hot process, different from cold process because it is heated

The Crock-Pot Express Crock Multi-Cooker is not a top of the line pressure cooker, but it is a well

Is it just because the aluminium gets hot and it's hard to screw the top on? I have a Brita kettle so I filter the water, boil it, then put it into the Moka pot and

CrockPotsare a huge help in the kitchen. They make meal prep a cinch & give a wonderful aroma as the meal cooks, almost by itself.

I mixed up a casserole last nightthat wassupposedtobe cooked inacrockpot today.

ACrock-Potis one brand name of a slow cooker. A slow cooker is an electric cooking appliance that sits on the

The crockpotis one of the best tools for low-effort cooking, especially for meals designed to cook over several hours. If you're adapting a regular soup recipe for the crockpot

All you really need is a ham and some water. You can add spices as desired, and I have a few suggestions below.

To clean your crock, soak it in hot soap and water, and then use soap or vinegar and a sponge to remove any leftover residue. Put food safety first. Follow all safety guidelines and thaw meats properly. When you’re slow cooking foods, you have to be especially careful to avoid food poisoning.

Add 1/4 cup of water to the slow cooker to prevent the fat from burning – it will evaporate during the rendering process. Place the lid on top of the slow

I have a 6qt crockpot, a Rival. One of the big things I'm reading is that it's important that the crockpotbe half to 3/4 full. All the FAQs mention this.

In fact, once you see how easy this homemade yogurt is to make, you will wonder why you haven’t made it yourself. I am all about easy and tasty!

Don't be shy: you want the whole surface to be salted on all sides. Then grind some black pepper all over it too, and nestle it into the crockpot.

Slow cookers are beloved appliances that save time so you can spend less time in the kitchen. Here are six tips to for using your slow cooker the right way.

You can putwaterin it, but just a little. Use a green scrubber and keep wiping out the water with a sponge until it is clean.

In the Crock-pot, add the coconut oil and Shea butter on low until it's completely melted.

Is it safe to leave my Crock-Pot unattended? There are some concerns about using aCrock-Potinan RV, mainly regarding the use of electric appliances while youare away

Sort beans and soak in enough water to cover overnight. Or you may sort them and place ina saucepan with 2-inches of water to cover. Bring them to a boil, boil for 3 minutes, then cover and remove from

I read somewhere that you're not supposedtoput raw ground meat inacrockpot (like for chili) because it doesnt' get hot enough fast enough to kill bacteria. But then I thought about meatballs - you don't have to cook those the whole way through to make them in the crock.

If you want to know how to boil eggs inacrockpot or slow cooker, this post is for you. It’s simple, it is so easy and it WORKS!!!

Making Yogurt at home is super easy when youare making crockpot yogurt. This Homemade yogurt recipe is super easy and anyone can make it with

After all, the crockpotwas designed to take the place of a Dutch oven in the first place, so cooks wouldn’t have to heat up their oven to cook a meal. The main concern in adapting acrockpot recipe for a Dutch oven is temperature regulation. Most crockpots have two heat settings: low and high.

I was trying to figure out how to get a smoky flavor without turning on the barbecue because I've got to be honest with you, that thing scares me.

In "Side dishes". CrockPot Loaded Potato Soup. Who doesn't love a nice big bowl of homemade potato soup? I personally love it, but I don't usually make it very

In addition to being delicious, this CrockPot Cashew Chicken is super easy to make! You can have this ready and in the crockpot faster than you can get your kids in the car and drive to the nearest Chinese place for take-out. My family absolutely LOVED this recipe! We served it with some steamed...

Now you can have great pulled pork with the ease of crockpot cooking. Put it on in the morning and eat

You can just put it in the crockpot on warm or low for about 2-4 hours before you have to take it. Back to Top.

Do you have a favorite go-to recipe in your house? This CrockPot Sausage, Green Beans and Potatoes recipe is just that in our house and is a cinch to make!

To Start Stock. Put the bones right back in the crockpot, with or without the dripppings, and add water and a splash of vinegar, then cover and turn on

All you will need to do is gather your ingredients, throw them in the crockpot in the order that I

The crockpot, or slow cooker, is ideal for cooking beans because beans take a long time to cook. You can let beans cook in the crockpot all day without having

Few crockpots leak lead when they are first sold and remain in perfect condition, but with wear and tear they can get dented, scratched, nicked and

Another option is to just set it in the fridge for a few hours: the yogurt will settle, and the liquid whey will rise to the top. You can pour off the excess liquid

If you own acrockpot then youare well aware of the help it can be in the kitchen. Most people think of it for one-pot-wonder meals like chili, soup, or stew.

Once youput the lid on, leave it there until your dish reaches the low end of the recipe's cooking range. In other words, if the instructions recommend cooking the recipe for six to eight hours, don't be tempted to remove

Just in case you run to the store to buy a rump roast, it will probably be labeled Leg Sirloin now. You can actually use any tough cut of beef interchangeably with this recipe and get