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You only add water inside the crockery cooking pot with the food, and only what the recipe calls for. Some recipes take less water than normal when cooked ina slow cooker because there is not as much boiling or evaporation happening compared to roasting or frying. Many slowcookers have a hole in...

How To Make CrockPot Baked Potatoes. Wash and dry potatoes. Give each potato a prick with a fork. Cover each potato in aluminum foil and place ina

Just like the crockpot, it has to be analog (no digital controls). The same temperature controller can be used for either acrockpot or rice cooker, but you'll need to recalibrate

CrockPotsare a huge help in the kitchen. They make meal prep a cinch & give a wonderful aroma

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To dehydrate, you need the air to be at least 100 degrees. The ideal temperature is 135 degrees. Crockpots run around 300 degrees for high, 200

Don't Put Frozen Meat InaCrock-Pot. Your slow cooker may be your favorite appliance ever and the

Crockpot rice is one of my favorite ways to save money. I get brown rice or even white rice for

If you use boneless skinless chicken breasts in this recipe, you'll need to add some water to the dish before cooking, otherwise they may come out dry.

Crockpot refried beans shows how to make refried beans from scratch that taste authentic.

Don't be shy: you want the whole surface to be salted on all sides. Then grind some black pepper all over it too, and nestle it into the crockpot.

The crockpotis one of the best tools for low-effort cooking, especially for meals designed to cook over several hours. If you're adapting a regular soup recipe for the crockpot

Now you can have great pulled pork with the ease of crockpot cooking. Put it on in the morning and eat

From helping you figure out how long to cook a pork roast to letting you know when to switch between "High" and "Low," these cheat sheets

Slow cookers are beloved appliances that save time so you can spend less time in the kitchen. Here are six tips to for using your slow cooker the right way.

To clean your crock, soak it in hot soap and water, and then use soap or vinegar and a sponge to remove any leftover residue. Put food safety first. Follow all safety guidelines and thaw meats properly. When you’re slow cooking foods, you have to be especially careful to avoid food poisoning.