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Our second choice pick, the Elgato GameCaptureHD60S, for instance, comes with a dedicated, proprietary solution, creatively named Game

The AVerMedia C281 GameCaptureHD device uses a component connection (Y-Pb-Pr) to record gameplay and provide a passthrough connection

The GameCaptureHDII is a wonderful device for all the hardcore gaming enthusiastic who want to record and share their gaming moments with their

GTA 5 rp glitch (PS3+PS4) rp glitch map / capture german gameplay by - GTA 5

AVerMedia came up as a popular solution for many, and for someone who doesn't need a captured card on the go, a portable one didn't really appeal to me. So, the Live Gamer HD seemed like the right fit for me. Just a simple installation into the PCI-e slot and a download of the drivers and I was...

Yes, AVerMediacapture cards can capturegame footage from PS4 PRO under following circumstances: Set PS4 PRO

GameCaptureHDII is the best ConsoleMate for collecting and sharing in-game scenes. Simply connect it to your game console and the HDTV, and

Design The GameCaptureHDII measures 1.4 by 7.5 by 6 inches (HWD), about the size of two Blu-ray boxes stacked on top of each other. Most of that space is for a 2.5-inch hard drive you must install into a slot on the bottom, behind a large plastic door. A rubber switch in the slot accommodates both...

AVerMedia AVerCapture HD, Game Streaming and GameCapture, HighDefinition 1080p, Ultra Low Latency, H.264 Hardware

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GameCaptureHDII is the best ConsoleMate that helps you collect and share in-game scenes. Please note: Prices in GAME Stores may differ.

AVerMediaGameCaptureHD2 - Review (Record, Commentate, Edit & Upload without a PC).

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Like the PS4 a gamecapture device is going to give you more flexibility when working with your gameplay footage; it will give you more control over your streams and recordings.

Tutorial Recording PS4 menggunakan AvermediaGameCaptureHDIIPS4.

PS4 and Xbox One's recording features don't quite cut it. Here's a chance to win a proper, high-end gamecapture card from AverMedia. Epic moments are worthwhile to be remembered: a legendary match, a turnover battle, or a funny speed run. GameCaptureHDII is the best ConsoleMate that...

Click here and let us know. AVerMediaGameCaptureHDII Capture Card C285 - Capture Gameplay in [email protected] without a PC - Real-Time HD H.264 Recording

Component Video & Audio L/R[3]: Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3. 3.5mm Audio: Microphone (Working Voltage: 3V). Note: [1] HDCP content cannot be recorded [2] Upgrade your PS4 firmware (version 1.7 or later) to record gameplay over HDMI.

GameCaptureHDII supports both HDMI and component inputs from all mainstream consoles. The HDMI pass-through allows playing and capturing right in your living room on the TV. There's no need to hook up additional PC to do the job. The Power of Voice. Even the most spectacular move would look...

AVerMedia have a few of their own with their most recent addition the AVerMediaGameCaptureHDII, and this card has quite a few features to separate it from the rest, mainly the fact that you

3. Roxio GameCaptureHD Pro. This miniature capture box works more for future gaming celebrities who do their work via The simple setup and ease of access makes this one of the better choices for livestream concentrated gamers that want to deliver great visuals in 720p or 1080i.

AVerMediaGameCaptureHD2 : A standalone game footage capture solution that allows you to record, edit and upload your gaming footage to

All footage was captured through the AVerMediaGameCaptureHD2 and has not been edited in any way. This capture card can record in 720p 60FPS but not ...

GameCaptureHDII supports both HDMI and component connections, which work with Xbox One and 360, PlayStation3 and 4*, and Wii U. Its HDMI video pass-thru guarantees you the full HD gaming experience. With GameCaptureHDII, you can pause and resume while recording if you decide to...

Gamecapture is what I liked best about the Live Gamer HD. For one I could use RECentral, on another hand I had enough control to produce the

GearNuke: "AverMedia is no stranger in the history of capture cards. They are well known for their products around the world. The recently released the GameCaptureHDII which greatly improves over its previous iteration."

I bought on amazon an "AvermediaGameCaptureHDII"" and looking on the net on how to use this box for streaming leads to nothing. Same thing on this board. Is there a way to plug it to OBS with some trick ?

The GameCaptureHDII improves on many of the features of the original and makes the product more convenient for the average videogamer who may