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"Game of Thrones" Season 8 Premiere Draws 17.4 Million Viewers, Sets Multi-Platform Record 15 April 2019 | Variety - TV News.

Now that 2008 is over, here’s a look back at some of the best series the year had to offer. Also included at the end are the final results to the Reader’s Choice Poll. Disclaimer: These are purely my personal opinions based on the shows that I saw in the past year (and in the case of Best Comedy, the shows...

Looking for information on the fall season, 2008? MyAnimeList has got you covered! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!

BestAnimeof2008. Discussion in ' General Off-Topic Chat ' started by Shakraka , Jan 1, 2009 .

Bestanimeof2008, and the anime year in review, part 1. Well, at the stroke of midnight, 2008 ended and the new year began, and whether you spent the night partying with family and friends or you spent your time reflecting on the past year, I hope you enjoyed the night.

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Bestanimeof2008. Without a doubt: Bokurano!! Great story, great character dvpt, no moe BS.

The last day of the year and a time to talk about what the bestanimeof2008 was. I'm still backlogged and still haven't finished Macross, Geass, Kemeko, Kannagi, Nodame and many more ^^; But I did manage to keep up with Strike Witches and loved it. The animation and especially the background...

Answer: The total number of TV and web anime productions this year has been up slightly from 2007, but down from the record number of new titles debuted in 2006. But 2008 may be the strongest year of new TV anime since 2002’s large class of outstanding freshmen. ten anime series of2008 (note, except for SOUL EATER, this pertains only to anime that have finished airing in Japan in 2008; the order is sort of

Goodanimeof2008? I like action-romance anime. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks. Update: =) (why is ur nickname a smiley? just

Anime Underground The BestAnime Series of All Time. Originally by Ranker Community.

Easily one of the bestanime ever. I love a good anti-hero, even being a mass murderer with a body-count that has got to be in the 100,000's, everything

Following one of the better years of the decade, 2008 was a year of contrasting feelings. The popular shows were no longer considered good, while a surge of productions geared solely towards niche audiences

Best of all, Beyond the Boundary is one of the few anime out there that isn't afraid to use the viewers’ knowledge of anime tropes against them in order to build a surprising (not

The feature debut of Masahiro Ando, whose career was distinguished solely by being a episode director and key animator for such series as Wolf’s Rain and

Japanese cinema is one of the best mediums in the world but it pales in comparison to the ‘Anime culture’ from the region.

Fans of stories about free for all death games like The Hunger Games or Battle Royale will enjoy this anime. Likewise, fans of the yandere archetype will probably

In order of release date, these are the best long-running anime series based from shonen manga

It’s that time of year again…time to rank the top 10 shows of2008. Of course, the usual caveat: this only includes shows which I watched, which this

Of course, that means it's time to obsessively list our favorite animeof the year! All week this week we'll be presenting the Top 5 anime as selected by our team of critics, with the final results of our enormous year-end Mega Poll released on Friday, December 30th. Check back every day this week for more!

I’m talking about every single anime in 2008, the best and the worst in every category. I haven’t seen everything this year obviously, such as Aria, ef, Shigofumi and DMC, but I’ve had a chance to check out pretty much

So now that many of2008’s new animes are comming to an end, luckly not all of them. I’ve decided to give them a rating… based on my own opinion only. So here are the winners for the top ten best of 2006!

Its brand of humour is respectful, kind of quirky and exactly what a romcom anime needs.

BestAnime Movie Seen in 2008. Winner: Evangelion 1.01 You Are (Not) Alone. I’ve mentioned before that even though Evangelion is an important

They certainly contain some of the most well-known animes, both widely and within specific anime community (Death Note, Gurren Lagann, Lucky…

Animation/Direction:- With most of the 2007 anime titles I have reviewed to date has excellent animation, this 2008anime, the first one I reviewed, has mediocre animation quality at best. ‘Mediocre’ is probably not a correct word, ‘lazy’ is probably more like it. See the screenshot for more...

This is a list of my favorite anime that aired during 2000-2009. Please note that this list is highly subjective and based on how much I enjoyed the shows.

Greatest TV Anime Series of All Time. What are the bestanime series? There is one thing that i love very much about Japanese Anime (and Manga) and that’s the way

If you’re a fan of anime today, there is a good chance you first got into the craze back in the 1990s. The medium has been a popular one in Japan for

The 21 bestanimeof 2019, from adventure, to romance, science fiction, and everything in between.

Some of my favorite anime have not been included in the list but then there are some that I regularly watch and love. The name of the anime series is followed by the original plot summary. Thank you ANN.

Anime is a hotbed of absurdist comedy, but often translation issues keep some of the stranger material from crossing the sea.

The results have been released for the "BestAnime 100" online poll, part of NHK's "Nippon Anime 100" project, which celebrates a century of the art of Japanese animation. The rankings were determined through popular vote via a poll that ran online from January 08 - March 31, 2017...

Best thing about the anime is , it has a very addictive plot development and the interpersonal relationship among the main characters and supporting characters is splendid.

This is one of the bestanime this year and deserves a second season. There are some awesome plots in the story.

"Best of" lists. Get age-appropriate ideas and inspiration for every interest

The greatest anime series of all time, Neon Genesis Evangelion , is a bigger, better, more ambitious TV drama than even The Wire .

Part of the fun of sampling Japan’s entertainment exports, of course, is the chance to see how American pop culture looks from the outside

Japanese animation has a storied, yet surprisingly unheard history. Today, more than ever, anime is finally hitting the right chords with newer audiences.

Because we are introduced to dozens of new anime each season, today we’re bringing to you an update to our previous instalment of Top 10 Short Anime Series! So get ready for some new additions to our recommendations for bestanime series with short episodes! Because there are many genres...