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The bowling scenes in The BigLebowski were filmed at Hollywood Star Lanes in Santa Monica, California, which sadly no longer exists.

BowlingQuotes Funny. If I had been on ‘Bowling for Dollars’, I’d wind up owing them money. Ricki Lake.

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3 – Funny BowlingQuotes and Puns. This collection will give you something to talk about with your team or share with a bowler in your life.

Great memorable quotes and script exchanges from the The BigLebowski movie on

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Easily Jesus’ most iconic quote from The BigLebowski is, “Nobody f***s with the Jesus!” He always refers to himself in the third person as “the Jesus

The BigLebowski is a 1998 cult classic staring Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski, a Los Angeles slacker and avid bowler whose mistaken identity leads to an assault that drives this crime comedy film into unexpected

Quote: That rug really tied the room together. Useful when: The stomach bug hits and you’re watching the whole fam projectile vomit onto the rug, the wall

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But bowling is more than just retro scene-setting in The BigLebowski. It's the central activity of The Dude's life (even

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This is bowling. There are rules. Maude Lebowski. Sex. The physical act of love.

It’s hard to believe The BigLebowski is turning 20 this year! But it’s true, the film premiered March 6, 1998. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cult classic

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Maude Lebowski: What do you do for recreation? The Dude: Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.