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Maybe you live inCalifornia, Massachusetts, Nevada, or Maine—one of the four states that legalized recreational marijuana this month, or the four others

An FAQ for people inCalifornia curious about using recreational marijuana but are worried about what it could mean for their jobs.

If smokingpot off-duty is legal, doesn’t this law protect an employee from being fired solely because of this legal activity?

So before yougetfiredfor toking up in the parking lot of your job or firedfor arriving in a cloud of smoke with bloodshot eyes

Can an employee getfiredforsmoking marijuana legally in Colorado State?

Recreational cannabis use is legal inCalifornia but employers in the state can nonetheless discipline or even fire workers if they test positive for THC.

Fear not: SmokingweedinCalifornia is no longer punishable as of Nov. 9. So if you want to light up, go for it — with some caveats.

Let’s say you’re a person who smokesweed. Maybe you live inCalifornia, Massachusetts, Nevada, or Maine—one of the four states that

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For instance, in Colorado in 2015 this issue came up in the state court. An employee was fired from a job for using medical marijuana, which he had

California voters approved adult use cannabis inCalifornia and at midnight on November 8, 2016, it was officially legal for Californians, 21

Being in love with Mary Jane can still getyoufired even in states where it’s totally legal – and all

Canyou still getfired? I live incalifornia.PLEASE dont just leave comments or try to lay your moral SHlT on me.

This location hasn't legalized Medical or Recreational Cannabis. Change your location above or click here to learn about legalization in your area.

Canyousmoke marijuana while on probation? Maybe. Check with the judge before unilaterally deciding to do so. You still could be arrested for failing a

In FiredFor Using Marijuana? It May Be Too Damn Bad, we warned that in many states with some form of legalized cannabis, employers are still

Coats says his potsmoking is allowed under a little-known state law intended to protect employees from being firedfor legal activities off the clock.

"For an activity to be lawful in Colorado, it must be permitted by, and not contrary to, both state and federal law," the appeals court stated in its

In other words, Californians can now use pot for both medicinal and recreational purposes, as long as they follow the law with regards to the amount