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My parents are looking for a new carwithgreatgasmileage. They don't want a Hybrid. What are their options?

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With rally-car handling and an impressive 37 miles per gallon on the highway, the iconic coupe proved the perfect compromise between efficiency and style.

What are some fast cars with good gasmileage? This list includes cars like the Mazda Miata Grand Touring (MX-5), which gets 28 miles per gallon, and the awesome Lotus Elise, which gets a whopping 30 mpg. This list focuses primarily on small sporty cars and roadsters...

A car that gets good gasmileage will help to save the environment and your wallet at the same time. Here are a few tips for making sure your next car’s fuel

170,000 MILES. Car runs good, greatgasmileage at standstill idle is very rough but never stalls any ideas?

With gas prices hovering in the mid- to high-$4-per-gallon territory in many parts of the country, consumers looking for more fuel-efficient cars for family members that don’t break the bank have some excellent choices. These eight fuel-sipping new cars all check in with a base price of less than $25,000

Here are ten cars picked by Jalopnik readers that show you don't have to settle for a Prius.

We will be looking for a used car in a few months and I want something withgreatgasmileage, what does your car get if it's good on that?

If by greatgasmileage at high speeds, over 40 mpg at 75 mph is meant, there really aren't any cars that can do that. At high speeds, aerodynamics is the biggest factor in fuel economy, and no manufacturer has had the guts to get serious about aero. They are too afraid the public will reject such...

Car Mileage, Average MPG: News articles show 1908 Ford Model T had gasmileage of 25 MPG

When you think of which cars have greatgasmileage? A couple of Toyota’s vehicles probably come to mind. And even though you might already know about the great mileage some of our Toyota vehicles get at Don Jacobs Toyota you may not know about the full commitment that Toyota makes to...

Have you been experiencing bad gasmileage of late? Well, a sudden drop in fuel efficiency of your

Used cars provide not just a great deal when it comes to purchase price, but some can also keep giving via their excellent fuel efficiency during your entire

Poor gasmilage I Have a 1993 1500 Silverado pickup V8 350 and I am only getting 9 miles to the gallon. The truck - Chevrolet 1999 Silverado 1500

Perfect condition. Great carwithgreatgasmileage up until 140,000 miles. Now it's a carwithgreatgasmileage that needs something fixed every

In another tribute to high-mileagecar hacks, a man named Evan McMullen rediscovered a 1975 Guiness-World Record-Setting car that got 376.59 MPG. It was wasting away in a museum in Florida: That number doesn’t come from some manta ray-shaped, wind tunnel-vetted carbon fiber space car.

A combination of great speed and greatgasmileage sounds nothing short of stuff straight out of a sci-fi flick! Snap out of fantasy and get ready to take a load of some amazing sporting automobiles that will literally sweep you off your feet with their fuel efficiency and amazing gasmileage.

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Average mileage is on the rise, but hulking gas guzzlers still find their way onto U.S. roads. Contrary to popular belief, they aren't all playthings for the rich.

audi, awd, diesel, gasmileage. No other manufacturer does all wheel drive (AWD) quite like Audi.

Need a new (used) car that gets greatgasmileage? Here's a handful you should consider …

Have you been searching for cars with best gasmileage? Volkswagen just came with the most efficient

High mpg cars are more competitive in the used market. Cars such as the Honda CRX and Geo Metro get fuel mileage comparable to large displacement '70s and '80s motorcycles such as the CB750 or Virago. Used EX250 motorcycles frequently sell for $2,000 or less and consistently get 60 to 70 mpg.

With only 1,800 miles I have averaged about 23 mpg in the city and barely 30 mpg highway.

The best gasmileagecars may surprise you. Inexperienced ones out there of great ways gasmileage c...

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There’s a myth out there that if you want fantastic fuel economy, you’re limited to smaller cars with shoebox-sized trunks. It works the other way, too: if you want a cavernous cargo

Best gasmileagecars. PLUS: • Are you spending too much for your car? • The car safety feature you need now.

With a gallon of gas approaching -- or even exceeding, depending on your brand -- the cost of a six-pack, millions of Americans are rethinking their travel plans for Memorial Day