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My parents are looking for a new carwithgreatgasmileage. They don't want a Hybrid. What are their options?

Please use a supported version for the best MSN experience. 25 Sporty CarsWithGreatGasMileage. By Steven Loveday of US News & World Report - Cars |.

Excellent commuting car with good ride and gasmileage. Very reliable and I drove over 160k miles with no major issues. I had the manual transmission

With rally-car handling and an impressive 37 miles per gallon on the highway, the iconic coupe proved the perfect compromise between efficiency and style.

“What’s the best car I can buy?” The question pops up quite often at family gatherings, social events, in random Facebook messages, and anywhere people find out I write for a car blog.

Gasmileage is not complicated. By following these easy tips, you will be able to choose a car that gets good mileage, even if it's not the absolute best.

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If by greatgasmileage at high speeds, over 40 mpg at 75 mph is meant, there really aren't any cars that can do that. At high speeds, aerodynamics is the biggest factor in fuel economy, and no manufacturer has had the guts to get serious about aero. They are too afraid the public will reject such...

Your car's gasmileage is the distance a car will travel in regular driving conditions (city/hwy.) with a

Here are ten cars picked by Jalopnik readers that show you don't have to settle for a Prius.

With gas prices hovering in the mid- to high-$4-per-gallon territory in many parts of the country, consumers looking for more fuel-efficient cars for family members that don’t break the bank have some excellent choices. These eight fuel-sipping new cars all check in with a base price of less than $25,000

Get used car pricing and explore thousands of car listings at Kelley Blue Book.

Do people who own luxury cars worry about gasmileage? Of course they do! people who can afford luxury vehicles usually became wealthy by watching their.

Cars do have an advantage because they can get that kind of mileage while transporting four people, while motorcycles can only carry two people at a time.

Track your mileage for a couple tanks before you change your driving techniques so that you will have a base

Have you been experiencing bad gasmileage of late? Well, a sudden drop in fuel efficiency of your car can be