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Top 100 Counter-strikeservers and clans ordered by popularity. Add your Counter-strike site to our toplist and get more players!

Clan CounterStrikeServers. CGI Computers is offering clan packages at half price for the first month. This Special offer will be running until March 23, 2004.

Counter-Strike serveriai pagal modus Zombie, Surf, JailBreak, CSDM, GunGame, Deathrun, Hide

CS.WTFCS.COM. Counterstrikeserver since 2011! ADMIN: 15 ore + cerere pe forum ! ★ VIP : 100 + ore cerere pe forum! 1.6 Classic Old school AdminFree Fast Dl Amxmodmenu Free

AWPclan Servers :: The best servers in Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S). Visit AWPclan Portal or join AWPclan Discord Server to meet players and have fun!

Counter-Strike Team -FK-. DetailsWe are a new clan who likes to play CW and WIN we have info about everything with CS ltgtVisitltgt.

CounterStrike Desert War is a very detailed and featured shooter based around the popular CounterStrike game. Challenge your shooting and war strategy skills here!

A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Forum Thread in the Other/Misc category, by savemgs.

CSservers (Counter-Strike). Online: 19'368 servers & 204'508 players.

Here is a list of Counter-Strike 1.6 Servers in Pakistan. Most of them are hosted in Pakistan while others are hosted elsewhere on VPS or Dedicated Servers. If any Pakistani Server is missing in this list or you want your CS 1.6 Server added, please feel free to post your Server’s Name and Public IP...

CS - gg_inferno. * Policies on these demo CounterStrike 1.6 - dedicated CSservers we host are enforced by clients and not by

CounterStrike Sites. Cheats, Clans. Slno. Title.

• Show only clans with or more members from a total of 183 clans. Go to: Player Rankings.

CounterStrike 1.6. Live Stats Servers Online in India : 12 Number of Players: 83.

Clan Linex Clan Linex Counterstrike CZ CS LX Pinku Hansen Dark Angel Kyllingen MaTT [L|X].

Full Metal Shell clan are under management.

Counterstrike 1.6 gaming community where everyone is welcome. We are active and show that cs 1.6 is still very active. Also you can download cs 1.6

CounterStrike. Servers. Hostname: BurgasNET CS 1.6 Classic Server Hostname: BurgasNET CS 1.6 ClanServer Address:

counterstrike 1.6 download and servers Counterstrike 1.6 rebel Uprising Clan, Servers gungame, zombie plague, ffa public classic, deathmatch, half

Counter-Strike 1.6 servers listed with their precise locations, players, variables and other details. Find servers with's online server browser.

Since the addition of the Clan Warfare achievement in Counter-Strike: Source many people are wondering how to get it and how to set it up.

Monday, July 14, 2008. CounterStrikeClans and Servers. This Game has made such a hype that there are more than 500 clans in India playing counterstrike in steam,Hamachi,GGclient and also in many gaming networks.Many CounterStrike Tourneys and Competitions has made this game even...

What does 0SC stand for? 0SC stands for Our ServerClan (Counter-Strike gaming clan). Suggest new definition.

Danger The Best cs 1.6 serversCounterStrike top 100, 200 server, CounterStrike Private Servers, CounterStrikeserver.

If the clan can get enough admins what would u say to 2 servers. The normal on we have now and a dedicated Wc3 server.

CounterStrike 1.6, Rebel Uprising CLan, Rebel Urising Clan - Community Game Hosting. CounterStrike 1.6, Rebel Uprising CLan, Servers IP: ve

Join our PBP CounterStrikeClan. Get together with other PBP clan members to discuss and plan attracts, set maps or levels or just get some gaming help.