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When i'm trying to start game the black screen pops up and it says Frequency OutofRange and you can't do anything. And when i'm trying to put my

A Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) Forum Thread in the Help category, by HammerTimejr.

Uhm, hey, i'm not sure if this is an easy problem to fix or not, but when i play CSS i get this message from my monitor that the Frequency is outofrange.

Hey, I tried upping the resolution (was at 1024) and when I did my monitor said outofrange. But now I can't get it back to 1024, I tried un and re installing

Hi. My monitor sometimes shows 'outofrange' when playing games. Not all games, but some.

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Counter-StrikeSource help Ok so...I just installed Windows 7 yesterday, got all my programs and games set up. Had some trouble with CSS, fixed resolution, and updated drivers, and it worked fine all night. Now though, whenever I play css (usually dust2 or office) everything on the map spazzes out...

How do it get it where i can get counterstrike to play on both of my monitors? I dont see the resolution 3360x1050 anywhere or 32:10 for the aspect ratio.

In "Counter-Strike: Source," you can toggle an FPS counter to see how well your hardware is displaying the

The monitor shows me the video source (PS2) but afte a few seconds a window pops up saying that the Input signal is outofrange even though its working.

Definition and Usage. The :out-of-range selector selects all elements with a value that is outside a specified range. Note: The :out-of-range selector only works for input elements with

When emptying a clip in CounterStrikeSource, the weapon get's automatically reloaded. Is it possible disable the automatic reload so you have to press the reload button yourself when the clip has been emptied?

The :out-of-range pseudo selector in CSS matches input elements when their value is outside the range specified as being acceptable. input:out-of-range {.

ATTENTION OUTOFRANGE H:68.6KHz V:84.9Hz Its a Philips Monitor 105 G7. 17 inch Can any one help any tip...

autobuy //Buys a predetermined set of weapons and equipment, setup in autobuy.txt rebuy //Buys all the equipment that you had when the last snapshot

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Counter-Strike: Source retains its team-based objective-oriented first-person shooter style gameplay.

CounterStrike 1.6 works perfectly, as you would expect, but Source plays the sound over a black screen. I'm using open source Gallium drivers; I don't

Now, every time I try to open CounterStrikeSource, the message "Input Not Supported" keeps appearing. Is there a way to change the resolution without uninstalling it?

"Outofrange" monitor errors typically happen when you've set your resolution to display higher than the monitor can support. Margolis 558 posts.

Just in case you missed it yesterday, Counter-Strike is now available ... wait for it ... for the Mac. Yes, possibly the most premiere PC game of all time is now playable (specifically the Source version) natively on the Mac, thanks to Valve's own Steam distribution service. And it's another Steam Play title...

Can somebody help me figure out my brightness problem in CS? Most stuff is see-able but in the really dark areas like in a tunnel or

I alt tabbed outof the game and closed the game window. After that I tried another game, also on steam (Amnesia, just to see what happened) got the same message.

It also tell me in AverMedia software : " Signal outofrange . Please adjust your resolution to

Like with many of Valve’s other games, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can exploit the power of the Source engine console to give you more options and better

Get comfortable. The monitor position above your head is better for your back, below your head level is better for your eyes.

Counter-Strike: Source is a version of the popular game "Counter-Strike" that has been modified

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...'OutOfRange 60.0 Khz\60 Hz' .However, The PC starts up in safe mode.My Monitor is LG Flatron 1941 (Power Saver).I don't know whether its my Monitor.

Counter-Strike: Source requires at least a Radeon X700 Series or GeForce 6800 Series 128MB to meet recommended requirements running on high graphics

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