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"We're entering an era in which our enemies can make anyone say anything at any point in time."

He said something to the effect "Wewon - you lost, getoverit". I have been searching for the clip and cannot find anything.

Obamawon the counties in blue. In May 2002, Obama commissioned a poll to assess his prospects in a

President Barack Obama has taken a lot of criticism from political opponents over his rhetoric when it comes to terrorism.

DoesObama have my back? If it weren't for Black people, there would be no President Obama. We stood in line for hours to vote the first Black President into office back in 2008.

It has asked for more time to respond to the House Intelligence Committee's request that it provide evidence.

I love how Conservatives who saygetoverit” about the election also spent the last eight years…

But Obama showed that in an ideological debate, he’s not averse to using a jab. Challenged by one Republican senator over the contents of the

I did consider the source and it was as legitimate as most of the evening "news" sources. Anyway, as debra said, it's illegal to lie to a voter to get them to

What doesit mean to be 'on the beach' in …

In the case of Syria, Obamasaysit would take large numbers of troops to "stop a civil war in which

President Barack Obama on Wednesday warned Americans against staying at home on Election Day, saying such a move would be a

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Suffolk payroll: Over $1B paid to nearly 13,000 Suffolk County paid 12,777...

President Obamasaid that the United States deserved being attacked by terrorists on 9/11 because we didn't respect Islam.

We grouped key phrases and names in the Mueller report into topics for an easy way to see each mention in context. By Washington Post Staff.

Obamadid, of course, but you could be forgiven for thinkingit was Putin. On Thursday, Putin told his guest Edward Snowden that Russia does not spy on

President Obama played it straight, but friendly, last night on America's top-rated late night TV show.

Doit now. 10:11 pm: "Obama bin Laden." Getit together Schieffer. 10:12 pm: Dropping a drone question. Nice comeback.

It is possible that Obama stays in office, due to a few devastating hurricanes that did things hurricanes "normally don't do", just before the presidential

As President Obama has said, the change we seek will take longer than one term or one presidency. Real change—big change—takes many years and requires each generation to embrace the obligations and opportunities that come with the title of Citizen.

Home Forums GBAtemp News & Featured Content User Submitted News. Obamasays:Yes we can.

It moves forward because you reaffirmed the spirit that has triumphed over war and depression, the

Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised over and over, and over, and over, and over, again not to negotiate healthcare reform behind closed doors, to bring all parties together and to

“I thinkit was a mistake,” he said, though he added that he understands why it happened given the

"The shift to a cleaner energy economy won't happen overnight, and it will require tough choices along the way," said President Obama last night

Obama told the audience of community college students, professors and faculty that he needed them to mobilize and get directly involved in the debate over spending cuts.

Is it really that bad? After all aren’t we supposed to reach out to our foes and as President Obamasaid

US President Barack Obama smiles during a press conference at the White House on Monday. Credit:Bloomberg. The two men met in the Oval

“I think, on one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype,” Obamasaid, “but I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make

Can we succeed as a country where a shrinking number of people do exceedingly well, while a growing number struggle to get by? Or are we better off when everyone

Obamasaid that by the time the USgot an agreement with North Korea, Pyongyang already had acquired a nuclear weapon.