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First check your Salt ChlorineGenerator Owner's Manual to determine what level ofsalt your Salt ChlorineGenerator operates at. They generally operate at target levels between 3000 to 4000 ppm. For this example we will assume that your Salt ChlorineGenerator operates at 3500 ppm.

Regardless of what you may heard, chlorinegeneratorsdoneed maintenance from time to time. This quick list can help your chlorinegenerator last as long as it can.

After the chlorinedoes its job in the pool, it recombines into salt and the process starts over.

To ensure that the salt cell is producing chlorine we are going to show you how to by pass the cell and

Instead of continuously buying chlorine products, you can invest in a ChlorineGenerator which

Salt water chlorinators use dissolved salt as a means of creating chlorine to clean the pool.

>Saltchlorinegenerators convert salt into chlorine to keep water sparkling clean, without chemicals. Shop Salt Systems from Hayward, Pentair and more.

One of the greatest advantages ofsalt water systems is that you reap the benefits of a chlorine pool without the adverse effects associated with chlorine.

Why a SaltChlorinegenerator? Salt is a natural element found in the earth, in our body and in our

A saltgenerator contains two parts- the cell and the control board. The cell is the part that converts the salt into chlorine. Water passes through the cell and

A saltchlorinegenerator is plumbed into a pool’s pump and filter system along the return side of the equipment setup.

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SaltChlorinegenerator’ and ‘Salt Chlorinator’ are other terms that are used synonymously to describe this device. No matter what you call the device, it doesn’t change the basic function that the device is built to do. That function is to ensure that the pool is chlorinated.

Most chlorinegenerators require a salt content of 2500 to 6000 ppm in the pool. A unit that needs less than 3500 ppm to operate effectively is optimal.

Being in the business ofsalt pools, naturally one of our most frequently asked questions is “How do

Discount Salt Pool specializes in saltwater chlorinegenerators and salt chlorinator systems

Different chlorinegenerators will need different salinity levels, and this is the first thing you need to take in consideration before adding or reducing salt in your pool.

In contrast, the saltchlorinegenerator uses only ordinary table salt that has not been iodized.

250lbs ofsalt a season. The last bagsofsalt I bought for our pool was $6.50 for a 50lb bag.

A saltchlorinegenerator relieves the need to add any harmful chlorine products. Why use a saltchlorinegenerator? Chlorinegenerators are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after forms

Installing a chlorine salt water generator means you need to spend less time looking after your pool. You can even go on vacation for a few weeks without

You must put the correct amount ofsalt in order for your salt chlorinegenerator to work.

A chlorinegeneratordoes not replace the pump or filter. With such a mild saline solution, whatever equipment you have now is just fine.

The salt Chlorinegenerator uses salt instead of chlorine. There are several types ofsalts that you can use like mined salt, mechanically evaporated salt or solar

A saltchlorinegenerator is a device that is used to create chlorine to purify and clean the water used in swimming pools. Chlorine is created through a process that coverts ordinary salt in pool water to chlorine. Saltchlorinegenerators have grown in popularity in recent years as they are often more...

Q. What kind ofsaltdo I use, and where do I get it? A. Salt can be purchased at Sam’s Club, Walmart or any hardware store and should be the granular form for

“You pour salt into your pool; the salt goes through the generator, which produces chlorine,” says Chuck Burris, owner of Classic

Chlorinegeneratorsneed salt to produce chlorine and can't do so if the amount ofsalt in the water is too low.

How does a SaltChlorineGenerator work? Did you know that hypochlorous acid is what sanitizes pools and not chlorine?

3A)Doessalt sensor need cleaning?...usually part of the generator cell,but sometimes separate,these sensors need to be acid washed occasionally.

The Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorinegenerators (also referred to as salt water pool chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don't need to add chlorine to your pool manually.

Instead, chlorinegenerators only require the addition ofsalt, which is less

Salt ChlorineGenerators use ordinary salt(sodium chloride) and electrolysis to produce Sodium

Saltchlorinegeneration takes the guesswork out of chlorinating your pool. Chlorine is added automatically and at a controlled rate whenever the pump and filter system is running. It eliminates the need to shock your pool, which dramatically reduces down time and allows you to use your pool each...

Chlorinegeneratorsdo one thing, generate chlorine. However, the purity of this chlorine has less effect on the overall water chemistry balance, therefore fewer chemicals are needed to re-balance the water. Will I Have To Run My Equipment More? Your chlorinegeneratordoes not rely upon a higher...

Converting a traditional chlorine sanitation system to a salt water system, or salt chlorinator, described in 5 clear

ChlorineGenerator System. Regular pool pumps and filters need an additional system in order to use salt.

A salt water pool cell converts salt in the water into low levels of chlorine by breaking down the salt molecules.

Salt ChlorineGenerators. Just add salt and all of your pool care maintenance issues disappear!

The same salt water chlorinegeneration technology used in swimming pools – customized for portable spa & hot tub use.

No chlorine needed. Natural Salt is a mild, natural antiseptic which does not bleach bathing suits nor damages your hair.