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MentalHealthAmerica works nationally and locally to raise awareness about mentalhealth.

Founded in 1909, MentalHealthAmerica (MHA) is the nation’s leading community-based organization devoted to addressing the needs of

AfricanAmericans are no different when its comes to prevalence of mentalhealth conditions when compared to the rest of the population. However, your concerns or experiences and how you understand and cope with these conditions may be different. This page focuses on how mental...

AmericanMentalHealth Foundation A Century of Excellence in MentalHealth Research.

The time is now to address mentalhealth issues in our communities and it can start with just a conversation. A conversation in our homes, faith base organizations, schools, workplaces and communities regarding whole health inclusive of the brain. Mental illness is not a weakness rather an...

A new study points to racial discrimination in the health profession, this time by doctors against dying Black patients.

Thriveworks Atlanta believes that everyone deserves access to quality mentalhealth care. Our office hopes to remove roadblocks and make it easier

MentalHealth professionals formed a non-profit orgn. to provide a focus on mentalhealth issues affecting the AfricanAmerican Community and improve access to services.

In addition to influencing whether mentally ill individuals experience social stigma, beliefs about mental illness can affect patients’ readiness and willingness to seek and adhere to treatment.(6) Therefore, understanding individual and cultural beliefs about mental illness is essential for the implementation...

AfricanAmericans are more likely to experience depression than Caucasians, and the symptoms tend to be more severe. Yet only 33.6 percent of AfricanAmericans with depression seek professional help. A shortage of mentalhealth services, the stigma against mentalhealth in the black community...

NYCAAMH, New York Coalition of Asian AmericanMentalHealth is an organization for promoting mentalhealth services to the Asian American poplulation.

AfricanAmericans in poverty are at particular risk for mentalhealth illness due to an overrepresentation in homeless populations

Africamental. Health foundation. MOU signing between Machakos University and AMHF to conduct the Genes, Behavior and

Not to mention that, in general, AfricanAmericans are 20% more likely to experience serious mentalhealth issues than the rest of the general population (National Alliance on

Click here to visit mentalhealth faith resources. For true system-level impact to reduce the number

The Atlanta Women's Foundation provides funding, resources, and evaluation support to nonprofits that provide programs to low-income women and girls to help them break the cycle of poverty. We also provide leadership development through our Women on Board nonprofit training workshops and...

African-Americans tend to like to seek treatment or help from those institutions that they're familiar with and trust. Unfortunately, in the past, the church, while it has been very helpful in terms of general medical conditions and putting on health fairs and other support organizations...

AfricanAmericanhealth disparities and access to healthcare are among the issues concerning the health of AfricanAmericans.

Home Health Programs MentalHealth Program MentalHealth in Liberia.

Our behavioral health centers inAtlanta, GA serve children and families from across the Southeast who are dealing with mentalhealth issues that typically

AMHCA strives to be the go-to organization for licensed clinical mentalhealth counselors for advocacy, education, leadership, and collaboration. Our organization provides the backbone of resources needed for clinical mentalhealth counselors to thrive in today's world.

The American Diabetes Association gives you the information you need to know about diabetes and how to manage if you have the disease.

In response to the stigma around mentalhealth and illness around the world, there are organizations combating misconceptions while providing assistance to populations in need. CareForHealth is taking a leading role in Karachi, Pakistan...

By joining and being active in global mentalhealth, you can contribute importantly to achieving the Movement’s aims. The organisation of the Movement is the joint responsibility of the Secretariat based at the SA Federation for MentalHealth in South Africa, and the international Advisory Group, who...

We strive to provide the highest quality, evidence-based mentalhealth and substance abuse services to

“Founded In 1986, The 100 Black Men Of Atlanta Is One Of The City’s Strongest AfricanAmerican Volunteer Organizations Focused On Education, Enrichment And Empowerment Through Mentorship And Community Service.

In April-May 2018, Dr. Bill Slaughter, president of the Gaza MentalHealth Foundation, gained entry to the Gaza Strip to witness again the critical work being done by our partner organizations. The three beleaguered women’s groups we support—Aisha, Al-Zahraa and Wefaq—continue to operate under...

AfricanAmerican Sororities. Birthed at a time in history when the traditional roles of women were being

Resources for mental illness including crisis intervention, mentalhealth hospitals and services, crisis stabilization, support, help and advice, rehabilitation recovery and assisted living.

2) American Association of Suicidology and 3) American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – I considered whether to include only one or both of these organizations, but in the end I had

What are some of the health benefits of breastfeeding? Breast milk not only offers a nutritionally balanced

African-Americans have presence in America dating back to at least1619 when the first African indentured servants arrived in America. This chapter attempts to supplement the official records by offering a few accounts of African-American psychiatric survivors' experiences...

AfricanAmericans are becoming increasingly health conscious, seeking health screenings and treatments, although health literacy in this population tends to vary by generation. Older AfricanAmericans may be suspicious of clinicians, because of experiences of past generations of African...

Africans with mental illness in regions in crisis are resigned to the dark corners of churches, chained to rusted hospital beds, locked away to live behind the bars of filthy prisons. Some have suffered trauma leading to illness. Others were born with mental disability.

StrongMinds treats depression in women in Africa through intervention and through Group based Interpersonal Psychotherapy programs.

In African TM, health care delivery includes curative, apprenticeship (training), promotional and rehabilitation services. These services are being provided through tradition and cultural philosophy for example ubuntu philosophy. The philosophy requires a THP to provide health services under a...

AfricanAmerican Therapists Mentalhealth is just as important as physical health. Here you can find an AfricanAmerican therapist to help you with your

Want to help support mentalhealth right now, from the comfort of your own internet? Here are 11 organizations you can support, during MentalHealth Awareness Month and beyond, who are already doing the work to fight the stigma and support healthy conversations on mentalhealth.

Mentoring & capacity-building existing community healthorganisations through our consultancy services.

Momentum for MentalHealth exists to help individuals achieve mental and emotional health, discover and reach their potential, and fully participate in life. Momentum offers adults, adolescents and families an array of high-quality programs and services that promote a healthier, independent future.

As healthcare standards change, we will dive deeper into common health issues and how you can protect yourself and your family. What is the impact of new standards on the recommended treatment for common problems in urban communities? Resources to remind you that even while it appears that...

Every week in2mentalhealth has been highlighting one mentalhealth NGO/user-organization on the in2mentalhealth Facebook page.

National healthorganizations, academic federal, state and local government agencies routinely seek the expertise of AAHC to educate providers, employers and community members on effective ways to improve community health

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