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Bulma reacts to DragonBallSuper - "SaiyanGirlTomavs Z Fighters" - (DBS Parody).

DragonBallSuper - SuperSaiyan Blue Goku VS Golden Frieza Begins! DBS Episode 25 Review! Edmundoraisa 9006.

Easily the greatest fight in DragonBall history. Wonderfully choreographed, animated, directed, and brings a lot of emotion too.

Through DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT and most recently DragonBallSuper, the Saiyans who remain alive have displayed an enormous number of these transformations. They usually happen during some kind of state of emotional stress, but as the Saiyans from Universe 6 have shown us...

DragonBall Heroes it's an official non canon DragonBall videogame and manga. Which transformation is stronger?

In the latest DragonBallSuper, Master Roshi magnificently shows off his fighting skills which outclassed some of the most stringent characters from other universes. However, at the end of Tournament of Power, he surpassed his physical limits to save universe 7. On the other hand, in the...

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Looking for episode specific information on DragonBallSuper? Then you should check out MyAnimeList! Seven years after the events of DragonBall Z, Earth is

Recently, DragonBallSuper saw its 29th chapter debut, and Viz Media has the update on its site to read for free at the moment.

DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBallSuper, and DragonBall GT are all owned by Funimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, and Akira Toriyama. Just be patient with this first couple of chapters, the story is a Super timeline vs GT timeline so the first few chapters are the build up to a SSB vs SS4 fight.

DragonBall FighterZ statistics including the latest character, teams, geographic and game systems stats.

DragonBallSuper, Universe 7 vs Universe 6, the tournament of ten (five-vs-five) will soon begin! The side of Beerus is fighting for the Super Dragon

No SuperSaiyan 3 is not in the game for Characters to equip. Only Goku and GT Goku have ssj3. (Gotenks also) I don't see ssj3 coming in DLC form

This mission involves fighting Vegeta and Goku in their SuperSaiyan forms. You will be able to turn SuperSaiyan later in the fight and it can last as