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Use Inkadinkado's EmbossingMagic to keep embossing powders confined only to the stamped image. Simply rub the pad over your surface, then stamp and emboss as usual.

Inkadinkado EmbossingMagic. You'll never have any stray powder ruining your embossed cards again. Simply rub Embossingmagic over the surface to be embossed be.

Simply rub EmbossingMagic over the surface to be embossed before stamping, then stamp, and emboss as usual. Pouch Size: 1-1/2-Inch by 2-1/2-Inch.

EmbossingMagic from Inkadinkado makes embossing clean & easy! No more stray specks! Simply rub the EmbossingMagic powder bag on your paper before stamping...

Simply rub EmbossingMagic over the surface to be embossed before stamping, then stamp and emboss as usual. Embossing powder will adhere only to the stamped image.

Watch to see a little embossingmagic as I show you how to use the snowman from the Stampin' Up! Christmas Magic Stamp Set to create an ornament that looks like glass!

Welcome to my first skillshare class about Heat embossingmagic from the perspective of a Card maker. I've been card making ever since I was 3 years old but i. ..

EmbossingMagic - INKADINKADO-EmbossingMagic. Makes embossing clean and easy! Simply rub the powder bag on your paper before stamping. Ink and stamp your image as usual.

Heat Embossing is one of many techniques that will help you to make a truly magical card or gift.

Embossing powder prep - the anti-static powder contained inside the small cloth bag deactivates adhesive on the back of stickers, expanding your crafting possibilities.

Sponge Dauber, EmbossingMagic, GKD Fine Detail White Embossing Powder, Heat Tool, GKD Black Plaid Ribbon, Adhesive, Scissors, Dodz, White Pen, Sakura Stardust Pen.

The Chandler Tool Professional Embossing Heat Gun is the best and the most innovative crafting tool today. The ONLY embossing heat gun with TWO temperature settings for maximum versatility.

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Using the Heat Embossing Tool, move slowly across your stamp design to melt the embossing powder. This will create a raised, glossy or sparkly stamp impression. True magic!

I have literally made dozens of cards with this one embossing folder. I want to share them with you, so you

Embossing seal in the making. Image Magic advance engraving technology machine and our high quality brass-plate will give your seal press a remarkable imprint.

Embossing paste is a technique that uses a paste to create a raised surface on a piece of paper or cardstock. The embossing paste is carefully spread onto the paper using a stencil to create a design.