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See our catdoor or dog door for walls, or door mount pet door, with airitght DoubleMag seal.

The most energyefficient dog door on the market. High-quality, durable, safe, and attractive pet doors. Customers who viewed this item also

After trying to build my own energyefficient, weatherized pet door (see my article here on how to build a pet door), I got fairly far

Energy-efficient glass: Most Therma-Tru decorative, as well as privacy and textured, glass is triple-pane for reduced heat flow.

Energyefficient pet doors are easy to find and manage. No matter what size door you require for your furry friend, there’s one at that will meet

We offer the most energyefficient pet door. Dogs love that it is easy to use and you will enjoy saving money. Available in 4 sizes for any size dog or cat!

EnergyEfficient PET DOORS SALE TODAY! Ideal in Extreme Ruff Weather, No More Cold Drafts Through the Doggie Door.

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive Feature: Vector Control Max. Power Consumption: 80 W Max. Speed: 0,50 m/s Max. Moveable Door Mass: 130.

According to the US Department of Energy’s Office of EnergyEfficiency and Renewable Energy, “EVs convert about 59%–62% of the

In the quest for an energy-efficient home, many people overlook the importance of an energy-efficient garage door.

...list of energy-efficientcars when the Tesla S was introduced, but Bankrate is including it because two other cars on the list are not yet

Energy-Efficient Garage Doors. Unfortunately, advertised R-values are meaningless.

Using energyefficient bulbs in the garage and throughout the house uses less energy and saves money.

Energyefficient windows and doors such as those provided by Soft-Lite can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer.

EnergyEfficient Induction Lighting; Induction lights are ideal for illuminating aircraft hangers, marinas, car dealerships

EfficientEnergy GmbH helps you master the challenges of refrigeration technology. With our eChiller model series, companies benefit in the long term and sustainably from an environmentally friendly solution, which impresses with its high cost efficiency.

Why EnergyEfficient Equity is setting the PACE in energyefficient upgrades! Get 100% financing with no money down for energy or water efficient upgrades to your home or commercial building.

EnergyEfficient Exterior Doors. In October 2010, the British government introduced legislation which specified that all new replacement composite doors must have a U-Value rating of no more than 1.8W/m2K. If you are looking to update your property, and are...

Interested in the absolute ultimate in fuel savings among passenger cars that you can find? The disparity between cost to power the average 25-26 mpg new car sold in the U.S. versus the pinnacle among alternative-energy vehicles is quite significant.

Energyefficient roofs, windows, exteriors, and solar power systems for your home. Trusted experts in remodeling and renovation serving the San Diego area.

FOR Energy, the local leader in energyefficiency solutions, can help you conserve energy and save money.