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So begins the SamsungGearFit2 vs. FitbitCharge2 debate. Both devices were released within a few months of each other in 2016, and consumers were left trying to figure out

Why is SamsungGearFit2 better than FitbitCharge2? Has a heart rate monitor. Has smart alarm.

These 2 devices cost the same, which of the GearFit2 vs FitbitCharge2 makes the most sense for you? If you have an iPhone, then this is an easy

Samsung's GearFit2 Pro has built-in GPS, allows you to locally save music with the Spotify app, and tracks all sorts of activities.

Samsung has a much better version of the GearFit2, the GearFit2 Pro. It is loaded with new multi tracking features, different sensors as well as waterproof feature making it ideal for

This might be a really silly question or might have already been asked but I really can not find anything about this. the problem I'm having is I have a samsunggearfit2 and my girlfriend has a fitbitcharge2.... is there a way we can challenge each other or see each others progress from day to day?

GearFit2 works with you every kilometer, every heartbeat, every step of the way. It also works with a wide range of smartphones.

Both the SamsungGearFit2 and FitbitCharge2 are well rounded fitness trackers with a few flaws sprinkled in here and there. The first GearFit was beastly and

Compare Smartwatches, Hybrid Watches, Sports Watches and Fitness trackers. Compare Wearables FitbitCharge2 vs. SamsungGearFit2.

The SamsungGearFit2 arguably falls into the latter category with its fitness features edging out its smartwatch ones in terms of appeal.

The GearFit2 might not be the most attractive, but Samsung generally has great build quality. Fitbit has the name recognition in the fitness market, which can

I recently had my secondFitbitCharge HR slowly die on me. Fitbit support is great at replacing devices that are in warranty but my second one

The new SamsungGearFit2 has a pretty impressive AMOLED panel. With such a large number of fitness trackers substituting quality color display for

The main goal of the SamsungGearFit2 Pro is to make working out easy and fun, even if it's in a pool.

The FitBitCharge2 lasts up to five days while the GearFit2's battery life is the least impressive because of its full-color OLED display.

The FitbitCharge2 is better because… it has 2x the battery life. its app is generally better.

The SamsungGearFit2 isn’t as elegant or stylish as some smartwatches, but it does look beautiful in its own sporty way. In fact, it’s one of the best-looking

Samsung’s first GearFit left a lot to be desired, but its second-generation GearFit2 looks like a winner.

Will Greenwald SamsungGearFit2 With some solid improvements over its predecessor, the SamsungGearFit2 is a powerful fitness tracker and a fairly functional smartwatch.

While the FitBitCharge2 sports a sleek display, the GearFit2 features a bulkier display OLED display. However, the Huawei Fit’s display is prone to

FitbitCharge 3 or Charge2: The bottom line. When it comes to fitness, Charge 3 and Charge2 are similar animals.

Samsung’s original GearFit took the growing trend of fitness wearables in a new direction. Where the likes of Fitbit had focused on lightweight devices with

The GearFit2 features a water-resistant design that can withstand harsh exercise conditions, so it stays running no matter how sweaty or rainy your workout

SamsungGearFit2 software Naturally, you can arrange or remove these screens as you prefer, with the exception of the watch face which can only be

At first glance, you might mistake the SamsungGearFit2orGearFit2 Pro for a Garmin or Fitbit fitness tracker. They have signature long, rectangular screens and bands that differentiate them from

Fitbit's 2-year-old Charge HR has been in dire need of an upgrade, and thankfully, the company has finally refreshed its lineup.

The Fit2 comes in two sizes as well as three colors (black, blue and pink). However, it's merely splash-proof (like the Fitbit Blaze and the Charge HR)

The SamsungGearFit2 looks the part. It’s a relatively slender wearable, dominated by a 1.5-inch curved touchscreen display, and two removable

The SamsungGearFit2 around my wrist thinks I am the world's most ambitious stair-climber. On Tuesday, the sensors packed inside believed I'd

The GearFit2 has a beautiful curved-screen design and a long list of features, however it didn't wow us with real world performance.

The original GearFit released two years ago wasn't bad. Mashable's deputy tech editor Samantha Murphy

As usual with Samsung devices, it is still a somewhat smoother ride if you're an Android guy or gal. SamsungGearFit2 Pro review: features and usability.

The SamsungGearFit2 is the second iteration of their fitness tracker - is it enough to tackle the many trackers that have come out since their first try?

SamsungGearFit2 Pro design and build quality. Compared to the previous model, there weren't

FitbitCharge2 – Battery Life and Charging. Battery life is rated at around five days, which is about right.

SamsungGearFit2 Pro full review. Activity trackers are big business, or at least they should be. But Jawbone and Pebble have gone under leaving Fitbit as

Unlike the GearFit, which was compatible only with Samsung’s Android smartphones, the GearFit2 is compatible with any smartphone running Android

SamsungGearFit is only compatible with Android devices. FitbitCharge HR is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows devices. Fitness Watch Features. The SamsungGear measures calories burned, distance traveled, when you’re active or not, distance, steps taken, heart rate, sleep patterns...

Samsung's GearFit2 has GPS, music playing capability, multiple sports tracking profiles, and is a quantum leap over its predecessor.

The SamsungGearFit2 Pro is one of the most impressive-looking smart fitness bands around.

The SamsungGearFit2 doesn't have a traditional screen and that, in this instance, is a good thing. There's no squat square or even circular panel.