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With its underlying mission to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation and education, the Austin Zoo is a fantastic choice

Austin, Texas has plenty todo and see for both adults and children. With a number of kid-friendly attractions and…

The Austin Nature and Science Center is located in Northwest Zilker Park where it offers a free educational and fun playground for children of all ages.

Austin is a college town, home to The University of Texas campus, the second largest university in the second largest state in the country.

Exploring AustinwithKids in its most compact form.

A final free and fun way to expose your kids to art and be outdoors is to visit the new graffiti mural

We did the work for you and put together a guide to funinAustin that includes everything from free

While Austin has plenty todo outdoors (swimming at Barton Springs or playing outdoors at Butler

Map out your summer fun like a pro with the 2018 Summer Fun Guide! There are over 40 events and activities for kids of all ages, guaranteeing a summer full of funinAustin, Texas. Many thanks to Springfree Trampoline for sponsoring the 2018 Summer Fun Guide. Springfree Trampoline is the...

Among the things todo with your family inAustin, you’ll see a big focus on hands-on interactivity. It’s just that sort of a place – Austinites like to get

The first thing todoinAustin is to grab a Tex Mex breakfast and Juan in a Million is the legend you get to meet. Not only does the ex-high school teacher

Austin has to be one of the most fun places to live! And yes, the summers are hot, but there are lots of great ways

Literacy Fun. Get your toddler or preschooler off to an early start when it comes to reading. Eugene's Public Library system offers family-friendly events and classes for the littlest of learners. The library's storytimes come in age groupings of 0 to 1, 1 to 2 and 2 to 6 years. Aside from the obvious reading...

With its numerous parks, museums and other attractions, families will find no shortage of fun things todoinAustin. Better yet, budget does not have

I never expected to make traveling friends through blogging but I'm grateful I have. One of my first friends in the blogging world was Becca from R

There are lots of fun thing todoinAustinwithkids - between the culture, food, outdoor fun and more, you could spend a whole week here!

Visiting Austinwithkids? You'll be surprised that this cutting edge hip town has so much to for families.

But, did you know that Austin is also one of the best cities in the country for free family activities? There’s seemingly no shortage to the awesome supply of affordable good times in the Lone Star

Teens are in that oh-so-delicate balance of needing independence but still needing their elder, wiser parents to guide them. And let’s not kid ourselves, it

The demographic inAustin is quite diverse, ranging from families with young children to college

Fun ‘n’ Stuff is Northeast Ohio's Family Fun Center! We are an indoor/outdoor year-round

Austin’s Coffee in Winter Park has nightly stuff like Open Mic Night and Hip Hop night during the week.

Things toDoin Boulder withKids. If you're traveling to Boulder with little ones in tow, you'll have no problem finding ways to entertain them. Downtown Fun. The Pearl Street Mall, in particular, has endless diversions for kids, including fascinating street performers and strategically placed play areas...

Find fun kids guide activities in a city near you in this simple city guide. Simply select the city you wish to check out.

Austin Detours is in the business of FUN, and we pride ourselves on that. Our funny and informative tours explore the best of Austin’s food, wine, history

Offbeat experiences and fun things todoinAustin aren’t so hard to discover, and with just a few

Feeling Uninspired as to what todo with the kids? Here's over 55 ideas of fun things todoin the Austin/Central Texas.

30 Things todoin Bend withKids: #19 Sunriver Nature Center. Hike a trail and encounter a (cooled) lava cone at Pilot Butte State Park. Don’t cry over rainy days in Bend; take the kids to Bouncing Off The Wall for a family fun night. Ride the rapids or float serenely on a multi-day river adventure with...

Use Adventures inAustin book by The Educational Tourist to keep your kids interested and learning about their wonderful visit to Austin.

The Austin Summer Fun Checklist for Kids has you covered! Maybe you've mapped out every camp and activity like a boss.

Experience Dallas with CSTX's Top Picks of fun things todoin Dallas. It's time to stop streaming and see what the real Dallas

The food inAustin is something special, and you won’t want to stop. Go to the food trucks in Barton Springs and sample different cuisine, or head