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It sounds really funny because nobody else can do it but i can't think of anything funnytosaywith the weird voice.

Our funnythingstosay "Wall" includes some of those unforgettable moments when toddlers used new words out of context, couldn't pronounce

If that aint the funniestthing then Idk what is. Hope you all enjoy the video. Lets Re...

It is one of the funnythingstosay to a girl. This line has an advantage over other lines as it would give you a straight answer of what is in her mind for

Use these 93 funny conversation starters to quickly + humorously start a great conversation.

Simply knowing some funnythingstosay is not good enough, as their timing and application is far more important.

The deepvoicesays: "Open!" Ok, the man thinks, let's open the thing. He finds a rock with which to destroy the lock, and when the chest is finally open

The solution is to make things easier for yourself. If you work at a desk, get a jug (one that can hold

Women prefer men with deepervoices, and find what they say more memorable than men with higher-pitched ones.

Don Rickles once said “Some people say funnythings, but I say things funny”.

Read how tosayfunnythingsto a girl over text and keep making your crush smile.

catwalk These singers have deepvoices .Some of these singers may sing with soft voice in some

Sorta funny stuff. How to be annoying. 100 Random thingstosay. 10 ways to scare total strangers.

Few things on television, or in the world, are better than Andre Braugher saying words. Any words really, because he has the best voice, but especially

You will love these cute thingstosay to your boyfriend to make him smile when he is mad at you, ignoring

As we said, that’s deep. OK Google, do you have a girlfriend? Apparently Google Home is dealing with some relationship issues, if this answer is any

DeepVoice – Few Tips To Make Your Voice Deep And Sexy.

Girls like a guy who makes them laugh, so here are some funnythingstosay to a girl to get her into you. When you’re trying to get a girl’s number or

Whether you’re looking for funny questions to ask your boyfriend, or simply some questions that will elicit funny responses, it

Their preference for silver-tongued men with deepvoices is dependent on the pitch of their own voices.

9. “To start with thing I need to find in the morning is your face.” 10. “We should be coordinated in paradise.” 11. “I needn’t wish for a camera to smile.

Fun and wit and humor and flirt, such funnythingstosay to a girl are filled with every essence needed to woo a girl. 8). You would have to stop

After listening to recordings of men with deepvoices, the women participants were most likely to respond that the owners of the voices would be more likely to cheat if in

Most of the time I like to share the ones I think will be the most helpful or interesting to iPhone users, today I thought I’d break my tradition with this extensive list of funnythingsto ask

This is a list of 100 funnythingstosay to Siri. Try it out! Ask funny questions like "What is zero divided by zero?" Find out what Siri for the iPhone 6

The many steps to making a girl laugh is easy to do and apply in your relationship. Furthermore, it is proven to make her laugh and elevate her love towards you.

Go down to the card you want to hear. Press the button near the card that shows a volume sign. Press it, and an automated voice will say it. Trust me, these sounds are very funny. You'll be rolling on the floor with laughter!

Thingstosay for any occasion... added daily!

It’s funny to think of how difficult it is to argue with cold, hard facts, but how often we see them

21 FunnyThingstoSay to a Girl. June 29, 2013 By Myrta.

Funny questions to ask list. What is the funniest name you have actually heard used in the real

I cant really say the things i say to people online. Heres one: Kid: Your mom Me: Nice comment, what are you 12? Wow, I hate all these twelve year

A Million ThingsToSay is a specialist Speech Therapy Clinic. It is dedicated to treating voice

The article 10 Things Not toSay to a Suicidal Person is’s most popular post. Almost a half-million people have viewed it in the

He sayswith such finality that it catches me off guard. This wasn’t what I’d expected from the man who’d given me suckers for booster shots.

Here are ten hilarious thingstosay or ask Siri when you’re sitting at home, bored, and have nothing to do! Some of these responses may surprise you.

There are several funnythingsto ask Siri but this one takes the cake. Witha little bit of coaxing, you can get Siri to answer, “I’m certain you’ve heard it

The DeepVoice Guy is the voice for your next project. Giving you that deep rich true bass sound you didn't