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GraniteThatLooksLikeMarble. Casa Blanca granite is one to check out. Many slabs have a veining effect like marble. Glacier White granite is on the list.

Carreramarble and white granite are two of the most popular countertop materials. Both are durable natural stones that create beautiful and elegant kitchen countertops. When it comes to availability, marble is rarer than granite and therefore more expensive then it's alternative.

Good marble-look quartz worktops are a fair approximation to the real stone, but will not fizz and dissolve when you spill something on them.

A GraniteThatLooks Similar To Carrara Marble: Bianco Romano. 689 x 444 jpeg 45kB. Kitchen CarreraMarble Countertop pictures, decorations ... 1280 x 720 jpeg 426kB.

5 White Granite Countertops ThatLook Just Like Carrara Marble. Granite is gorgeous but if you want the gentle beauty of marble, without having to constantly worry about damaging the stone, I have some options for you. Granite can be just as beautiful as marble, but you need to know what to ask for to...

CarreraMarble. We specialize in the importation, fabrication and installation of marble and granite slab for residential and commercial applications.

If you are looking for that Bianca Carrera type look for a kitchen worktop but you have heard all of the pitfalls of using such a material (problems

Is there a granitethatlookslikeCarreramarble? Some articles suggest quartz but I don't know anything about quartz. Is it less expensive than

Bianco CarreraMarble. This stone has very subtle veins of greyish or brown veins.

Statuary marble, another white marble, is actually a type of Carrara marble. It's 98 percent calcium carbonate

This means that anything acidic that sits on the stone’s surface can etch it. Etching is caused by a chemical reaction between the calcium in the stone

CarrerasMarble Designers Incorporated originates from a large family specializing in natural stone works for over four decades. We have great experience in Granite and marble natural stone and Quartz Countertops. We Pay Close Attention to Details.

If you love the look of marble worktops but haven’t found something that meets all your criteria, check out our selection of quartz worktops. Quartz worktops are tough as stone, made from over 90% natural quartz and are food safe, easy to clean and hard to damage. That they look great is simply a bonus!