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I’ll admit my cast-ironskillet hasn’t exactly turned me into a rugged lumberjack who uses bacon grease for deodorant. But on those nights when it’s just me, a hot pan, a glistening piece of meat, and the soundtrack of two very functional smoke alarms, I can think of only one thing: dropping a hot tweet...

I banished my castironskillet to the back of my cupboard and went crawling back to the reliable, nice guy nonsticks I’d gotten along with for years.

Since a castironskillet is gonna have layers of seasoning on it, you wanna gently remove the crusty gick while leaving the seasoning layers behind.

Unlink some skillets that get hot spots, this skillet offers even cooking and provides the same heat on the sides as

Castiron cookware will never let you down, is incredibly versatile, and will grow old with you if you take care of

Cast-ironskillets deserve all the hype they get, but it took me a while to realize that. Before I had one, I didn't really get the appeal.

Castironskillets that are properly seasoned last a lifetime and provide a natural nonstick surface.

castironskillet steak. Comments : 4 Posted in : Beef, Recipes on January 14, 2010 by : SpiceGuy. This is with out a doubt my favorite way to cook a steak. The only seasoning used is the salt in the pan.

These castironskillet bread recipes are hands-down the best way to put your castiron to work!

Old castiron is beautiful stuff and I don't want you wrecking that on my shoulders. In the end this is CastIron, but in sentimental value, older pieces

Cast-IronSkillet Pizza Margherita. Getting crisp pizza crust from your oven can be a challenge, but with just a few tweaks and the right tools, you'll have homemade pizza that's miles better than offerings from the freezer case or the delivery guy.

Most castironskillets are very very heavy. Picking up with one hand is next to impossible. What makes the Field Skillet so unique is its weight.

...Your Cast-IronSkillet, Druckman investigates all the best ways to cook—and fry, and bake—with

Cooking withCastIron. I used to have a bunch of cheapo, non-stick pans that I used on a regular basis. But when I became aware of the health hazards connected the chemicals in the

Buying a castironskillet is like adopting a newborn baby and a puppy at the same time. You're going to have to pamper it through the early stages of its life

True, a cast-ironskillet is an excellent vehicle for frying. But its ability to retain heat also lends itself to healthy cooking, says Kerri-Ann Jennings, a Vermont-based

Why Buy a CastIronSkillet? Castiron is a hearty, highly durable type of cookware that is made from a virtually indestructible material.

If your castiron doubts have been keeping you away from this invaluable tool, lay your fears aside. Here are the best ways to use your cast-iron

Great tools are rare—and get better with time and use. This is the closest living relative to vintage castiron: light enough for everyday cooking, with a smooth, naturally non-stick cooking surface.

The castironskillet can be used to cook on the stovetop, the oven or the grill. A good ironskillet can be passed down as an heirloom if taken care of properly.

A castironskillet that is cared for properly can last for the rest of your life.

While castiron won't wash itself, it's easy to clean and will only cook better with age and use. How to Season Your Skillet. So you just got a new castiron pan—or maybe you picked one up at an antique store. In truth, it hardly matters; one that's well taken care of essentially lasts forever.

Modern castiron is pretty much all like this. The older castiron cookware used to undergo an additional step where it was sanded, essentially polished down. I did not realize how significant this was until I got my first WagnerWare CastIronSkillet, a 1056N. It was like comparing gravel to freshly...

Cast-IronSkillet Macaroni and Cheese. While boxed or frozen mac and cheese from the supermarket can certainly be a convenient family favorite, it just doesn't hold the same

The castironskillet is already pre-seasoned with vegetable oil to prevent food from sticking and to enhance the flavor of your food.