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The greatest warrior of all times: Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [AS].

When the battleofKhyber was underway, some of the Sahaba (May Allah be pleased with them) had already

...Muslims at the battleof Uhad. b) Banu Nadir were inciting hostilities against the Islamic community in Medina c)

In Tarikh Abul Fada (Vol1 page 187) it is stated that “Due to the illness of Prophet Mohammad(sawaw), Hazrat Abu Bakr took the banner and went to fight

Inbattleof Ahzab a piercing blast of cold wind blew. • Khyber is located near Madina at 200 km distance. • The centre of Jewish population in

Battleofkhyber. Background. The Jews of Madina had been a constant source of worry for

HazratAli seemed to have astonishing forces, by method for which he killed (Marhab) in the blink of an eye. From that point another Jewish warrior...

Battleof Siffin was fought between forces of Muawiyah and HazratAli. Seeing that the Medinites could not depose Ali, Muawiyah, who was now a powerful man in Syria, and had a strong army of his own, was head of the House of Umayyad, decided to try his luck against Ali.

Ali (RA) in that context of events saw this as a bit chaotic for anyone to go pass judgement on his own. After all, he is the Caliph and he should take matters in

Small part from martyrdom of Hazzrat Abbas & Punishment of Shemr by Kiyan. [Islamic Movie-HazratAli-Part-2- Urdu- Best-One. syed ali baqar QILA-E-KHYBER. Jang-e-Jamal Some Parts From the Movie Imam Ali (as). Hazrat Zainab ka Darbaar e Yazid main Khutba.

HazratAliA.S was very strong as in the war ofKhyber he broke and used the big door ofKhyber fort as shield. HazratAliA.S has also brought more areas inthe Muslimes.

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• After the Battleof Jalula, Hazrat Umar stopped further conquest and sought to consolidate Muslim rule in the lands already occupied. •

HazratAli R.A is very important personlity in Islam. He is one of the most popular figures in Islam after The Holy Prophet Muhammed S.A.S. Following are some of his distinctions. HazratAli R.A was the first cousin of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (May Allah send his blessings and peace be upon him).

HadratAli is indeed a great man in the history of mankind in general and the history of Islam in particular. In undertaking this study in the life of HadratAli, I have had to act not only as a biographer, but as a historian as well. This means that besides narrating the main events in the...

Now in Alis hand this was to become the most famous sword in Islam, killing more men in fair combat than any sword in history.

Loading... 6. In the BattleofKhyber a famous wrestler _ was murdered by HazratAli (RA). Marhab. None of these.

Usman Ghani took part inBattleof Badar, Auhad, Khandaq and Khyber. We are also working on Quotes of HazratAli (A.S), Hazrat Umar (R.A) Quotes, Hazrat Abubakar (R.A) Sayings and Imam Hussain (A.S) quotes and poetry related to Karbala. Download now Hazrat Usman Quotes on Photos...

In this battle, Ali performed great feats of prowess. Having lost his shield, he seized the lintel of a door, which he wielded effectually in its stead.

During the battle, Ali struck one of the fiercest adversaries, breaking both his helmet and his shield. Muhammad (PBUH) remarked “There is no hero but Ali and no sword except Zulfiqar”. By most historical accounts, Ali used the sword at the Battleof the Trench to cut a fierce Meccan opponent...

He took part in all Battles and helped Prophet(s) inBattleof Uhad when most muslims went back. He donatd half of his household for Tabuk Expedition.He

In the times of the Prophet, the best arsenals of Arabia were all in Khyber. Those Jews who had been banished from Medina, had also resettled in Khyber, and they were noted for their skills in metallurgy. When Ali reached the Citadel of Qamus, he was met at the gate by Marhab, a Jewish chieftain who...

The Battle took place in 657, in Siffin, which is located in the east of ar-Raqqa in the basin of Euphrates.; many Muslims were martyred in this battle.

About Zulfiqar: HazratAli (A.S) was prominent at the Battleof Uhud, as well as many other battles where he wielded a bifurcated sword known as “Zulfiqar”, given to him by the Prophet (saw). Muslim historians reported that HazratAli (A.S), alone, destroyed all the standard bearers. He also had the...

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The battle cry has truly played an integral and just plain fascinating role in the history of masculinity. So today we highlight 20 famous and not-so-famous battle cries through the ages

In the battleof Badr, he was in charge of the right wing of the troops and fought against his own son Abdur Rahman.

Ali made a great contribution in the defense of Islam at this battle during which the danger against the new Faith reached its peak.

In the Battleof the Ditch (Ghazwa-e-Khandaq), the Jews ofKhyber had helped the Quraysh. When after the Battleof the Ditch, the Jews of Banu Quraizah were executed, the Jews ofKhyber promised revenge, and they planned an invasion of Madinah on a large scale.

לבחירת שרתים שונים להורדה שיר BattlesofHazratAli (A.s).wmv. שרת 1. להורדה מדרך אחרת הורדה קובץ מקישורים נוספים לחץ על הכפתור למטה. Download.

Audio Collection of Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif (R.A). Typical of a mystic temperament of avoiding neon signs of fame, he himself was never keen in recording his dialogue with his disciples; but one of his devotees, secretly, dedicated himself to record his sessions, on his own. Though mid 80s audio...

It is perhaps the potency of Mohsin b. Alis (a.s.) martyrdom that has led some Muslims to deny his death in the attack, attributing it to other causes.

BattleofKhyber Pass. Part of Nader Shah's invasion of Mughal India. A map of the Kheibar...

In the second year of Hijrah (Migration), in 623 A.D, Muslims came to know of Qureyshi caravan coming back from Syria to Makkah.

The twin blue domes of the Shrine of HazratAli are one of Afghanistan’s most iconic sights, and pilgrims come from across the country to pay their respects at the tomb contained inside. Although non-Muslims are forbidden entry to the shrine building itself, views of the building are to be much enjoyed...