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Enroll in HealthInsurance. See if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period. Coverage options outside Open Enrollment.

Legalpermanentresidents of less than 5 years and student visa holders can apply for private insurance, and may be eligible for government subsidies to

Find out about lower-cost healthinsurance plans and programs you may qualify for to help you cover medical care.

A guide to individual healthinsuranceinWashingtonState, including its marketplace, open enrollment dates, insurers, Medicaid expansion, short-term regulations and Medicare.

Lawful permanentresidents (LPRs), also known as “green card” holders, are non-citizens who are lawfully authorized to live permanently within the United States. LPRs may accept an offer of employment without special restrictions, own property, receive financial assistance at public colleges...

3. PROOF OF LEGALRESIDENCEin the USA and valid re-entry document: -original document of the US Permanent Residence Card (Green Card)

If you own a residencein more than one state, you can purchase a plan in either state if they are considered permanent residences and not rental income properties.

Get the best healthinsuranceplansfor families and individuals inWashington. Find the best healthcare coverage in WA at a price you can afford.

2018 HealthPlan Renewals During WashingtonState Open Enrollment. Not only have people inWashington chosen more plans, but they’ve actively switched to better plans this year. Many Americans were locked into their previous healthinsurance plan when it automatically renewed in...

Washingtonstate’s healthinsurance landscape includes many avenues through which individuals and families may buy healthcareinsurance benefits. Residents without access to employer-sponsored coverage can shop for healthplans in the private marketplace and through the federal...

Travel Schengen healthinsurancefor Europe, Schengen visa, residence card. Only 19 EUR per month.

Applying to be a permanent residentin Canada will allow you to live, work, and study in Canada legally for a prolonged period of time.

You can apply for a residence card if you’re from outside the EEA and living in the UK with a European partner or family member who's not British - eligibility, documents you must provide, how to

For over 100 years, Washington National Insurance has helped Americans protect themselves from the financial hardship that often comes with

Explore group healthplans from UnitedHealthcare inWashington. With UnitedHealthcare, your employees will have access to quality, cost-effective health care.

Finding affordable healthinsuranceplansinWashington doesn't have to be complicated.

Permanentresidence for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals. Application procedure, documents and fees for European nationals.

LegalPermanentResidence. Northwestern University sponsors foreign nationals on nonimmigrant visas for LegalPermanentResident (LPR) status. Also known as green card, LegalPermanentResident (LPR) permits foreign nationals and their dependents to permanently remain and be...

See all your healthinsurance options and get a free, no-obligation quote. LifePlan Financial is officially licensed by the State of Washington to serve individuals and families