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Q)How can i make cute looking Chao A)Download Sonic Adventure DX Memory Editor (try google) and under the chao section there will be be a little drop over that has Tails, Knuckles and Amy and many more, that is what you want but make sure that you own the Chaoin the garden otherwise it...

The Chao live in these gardens in peace and harmony, far away from evil and things with big, sharp, pointy teeth. When you enter your first Chao

This will show you howtomakeaSuperSonicchaoin Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Buy a Shiny Yellow egg from the Black Market.

to get metal sonicinsadx you need sadx trainer download sadx trainer then click on ,metal sonic

Welcome to the homepage of Fusion's Chao Editor, the ultimate chao editor for Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2.

Howto finish makingaSuperSonicChao! Ignore the music changes in the Chao Garden and Sonic's glitched up guitar on his back, it's part of a

SonicChao: Tomakeasonicchao you must have a regular chao and give it lots of speed before it evolves and make it a neutral chao.

here is the real way tomakinga real supersonicchao 1. get a yellow chao 2. get to a sonicchao 3. now give it red drives for along time 4. now when it evolves it

DOWNLOAD TO VIEW Ever want a Chao of your very own from the Sonic Universe? Well, I did, once. I later went on tomakea few customized chaos (unreleased on DA) using this pattern as a base. After promising this tutorial for about half-a-year, I finally deliver!

In this video I showcase howto mod the PC versions of SADX and SA2 using Fusions Chao Editor! (Link Below) Follow me on Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: My Let's Play Channel...

ok so i'm playing SADX and i decide to go to the chao garden(hotel one) to see my chao and it turns out i have 2 golden chao i always thought there was only one in the game(the one you robbed

In this video I showcase howto mod the PC versions of SADX and SA2 using Fusions Chao Editor!

SADX hacks made by sm64no1LOL. Hey you can download all my SADX hacks from here lol. Use the links to go to and download the files. If you are new to hacking or something make sure when you download these that you name the files by there proper names when putting them into the...

Also, in Sonic Adventure 2:Battle only, you can get drives to train them also. Yellow drives raise swim, purple drives raise fly, green drives raise run, and red drives raise power. Animals also raise different stuff to, but some animals reduce points, but Chao's levels can not be reduced, only their points.

SADX 2004 Sonic Adventure DX (2004). GE:S Goldeneye: Source.

Riders Sonic : Sonic from Sonic Riders brought to SADX – Author : Unknown (Download). Metal Amy : Replaces Sonic with Metal Amy, who has different abilities than normal.

your chao should evolve in about level 15 but if so you should train it.into dark,neatrule,or hero but recarnate 2 for chaoschao angel chao and dark chao. Previous:Is there any sonic games coming soon. Next:Is it possible to get maple weopon when the aniversary is over in Maplestory.