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One of the first steps totakingcareofdamagedhair is keeping it moisturized.

Totakecareof African hair, the most important element is moisture. You want to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned as much as possible.

Takingcareofrelaxedhair is particularly difficult because it needs that extra moisture and extra care.

To ensure that your relaxedhair stays bouncy, smooth, and frizz and split end free, proper care after the treatment is very essential. Black hair requires even more special care and very gentle handling because relaxing makes this type of hair very fragile and prone to damage from heat and chemicals.

Now more than ever women are asking howtotakecareofrelaxedhair especially now that the natural hair movement has really taken off.

• Dry hair – Most relaxedhair that is damaged will fall into the dry hair category. A series of deep conditioning and porosity control treatments twice per week for 4 weeks should restore the hair’s moisture levels to normal. The deep conditioner required should contain hydrolyzed proteins which...

Ultra Black Hair and Tresseme for damaged hair are excellent conditioners. Rarely if ever use a towel or a blow dryer to dry your hair.

Everyone knows long hair requires dedication, patience, and lots of care! In this blog post we share 7 best tips and tricks on howtotakecareof long hair.

When takingcareofrelaxedhair, you need to put yourself on a hair care regimen. Since relaxers used chemicals and strip away some nutrients, individuals with relaxedhair need to condition or deep condition their hair about every 1–2 weeks. When you have a relaxer, you will also experience new...

Here's a man's guide to caring for curly hair—plus the products you need to keep it moisturized and frizz-free.

Relaxedhair, when takencareof, can be a joy to have and to style. These tips and suggestions will help you takecareof your own relaxedhair, and keep

Your hair needs to relax after the high dose of straightening chemicals. Trim your hair on a regular basis.

We’ll cover everything from howtotakecareofhair daily, to howto improve hair quality, and what to do (and not do) when you’re letting your hair grow

Texturized hair has been trimmed with layers to give the illusion of additional volume. Texturizing adds body to thin or fine hair, often leaving the hair looking healthier than before the texturizing.

Women were saying that to achieve his hair flowage they were limiting how much moisture they put on their hair so their hair could swing like his.

Another important tip on howtotakecareof dry hair is to avoid shampooing your hair daily, because it will strip out even more of the natural moisture

But, bringing them back to life takes quite a lot of time and energy. The Harsh environmental condition, over a use of heat treatments, hair bleaching

And bleaching your hairtakes all of that shine out! To get some of it. back, I use a shine spray after doing my hair in the morning.