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Humanities Data Visualization has been generously funded by Georgia Tech's GVU Center, the Institute for People and Technology, the School of Literature, Media, and Communication...

Digital Humanities Lab School of Literature, Media, and Communication Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332-0165 [email protected]

As a burgeoning tool for the humanities, the importance of photogrammetry - computer programs that transform a series of digital images into a precise three dimensional model - cannot be overstated.

About — 4Humanities is an advocacy initiative for the humanities focused on placing the value of

THIS is New Hampshire Humanities! We work in all corners of our state to provide wide-ranging, thought-provoking programs that connect people to culture, history, places, ideas and one another.

School of Humanities and Social Science.

Maryland Humanities survey participant. “History Day inspired me to become deeply invested in historical topics which I never thought I’d enjoy. It is an amazing experience that has the ability to...

Welcome to the NYU Center for the Humanities’ Digital Humanities pages.

HUMANITIES: The Magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Feature.

Harnessing the power of the humanities to strengthen our pluralistic society.

Today’s tech platforms are caught in a race to the bottom of the brain stem to extract human

In the Faculty of Humanities, students are encouraged to understand and explain human experiences in its totality. Can you imagine the diversity and complexity of people’s experiences in our local and...

Let's Improve Communities Through the Humanities! Utah Humanities Book Festival.

The humanities are the way we learn about each other: our neighbors, ancestors, adversaries, even ourselves. Immersing ourselves in the humanities doesn’t just make us better citizens, it makes us...

A private, nonprofit organization, and the only independent institute dedicated exclusively to advanced study in all areas of the humanities.

Humanities Core is a year-long course that examines how people across time and culture have interpreted their experiences and understood what it is to be human. Through the study of literature...

Humanities Preparatory Academy. Home. About HPA.

National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman’s visit marks 10th anniversary of the UF Center

The Department of Humanities at Michigan Tech engages in teaching and research across language, culture, and technology. Our scope is international, our approach interdisciplinary.

...level 1 Humanities Penryn - level 2 Humanities Penryn - level 3 Humanities Streatham - all modules Humanities Streatham - level 1 Humanities Streatham - level 2 Humanities Streatham...