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Canoe Sprint, Surf Ski & Marathon. Canoe Sprint Racing is one of the best-known competitive canoeing disciplines in NZ.

IceCanoeRacing. This purely Canadian competition traces back to the 17th century when the only means to cross

Icecanoerace during Quebec Winter Carnival is part of the Cup of Mirrors and takes place on February 10, 2019. To Experience it Yourselves

Welcome to the False Creek RacingCanoe Club, a multi-disciplinary Vancouver-based paddling

Icecanoeing doesn't just involve paddiling. Participants are often required to jump out of their boats and haul them

IceCanoeRaces took place in the city’s first Carnaval back in 1894, and today remains a highlight of the world’s largest winter festival . With the recent launch of a company offering visitors and locals the...

Where to Find Us. Hicks Canoe and Kayak Racing 1704 Holland St. Houston, TX 77029. Phone: 713-453-5071 Email: [email protected]

In Canoe Sprint events, athletes race on a straight course with each boat in a separate lane.

Canoe Lake Ice-Out. The one true rite of spring...

Ontario Marathon CanoeRacing Association - Welcome _ Welcome About OMCRA CanoeRacing Race Schedule Board of Directors Downloads Links Welcome to the OMCRA...

OHCRA CanoeRace - World Championships of Outrigger Canoe.

Southampton Canoe Club is kindly hosting this year’s Finals, and details for can be found here on their website. Please note that this year it is being run on a Saturday; it is not at Southampton’s usual race...

Steeped in heritage and acclaimed internationally for renowned canoe design and quality, Clipper Canoes has developed a reputation as being one of North America’s top-rated canoe manufacturers.

The first icecanoerace took place in Quebec City, in 1894. Since 1955, the race has been a regular part of the Quebec Carnival. An annual circuit of races has developed over the last 20 years.

Races for all skill levels and many boat types. Challenge yourself! Join our community of racing

The race is held the weekend prior to the AuSable River Canoe Marathon and runs from the streets of Grayling to McMasters Bridge. Time trials for starting position are held on Saturday in the City Park...

SVK Slovak Canoe Association.