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If the stolencar is not found within the first 30 days after the theft, it’s unlikely thatit will be recovered intact or at all.

That's why car thieves avoid things that may call attention to themselves. This means stealingcars at a certain time. Fuller said he preferred to come back

If anybody is familiar with those legal procedures, or has any idea what would the punishment be, i will appreciate an advice.

There are several ways that a teenager might start stealing, whether it's money from their parents' bags, supplies from school or even shoplifting froma

On more modern cars, this is likelyto play hell with radio and clock settings, but some disconnects feature a battery backup to power these systems

Drivers are being urged to use a number of methods to protect their cars from being targeted by thieves. Security expert Michael Fraser in collaboration

You also have to make a report to the police and insurance company right away if you suspect your vehicle has been stolen.

A passenger in a stolencar could be convicted of theft if there is evidence that the passenger exercised some control over the car and knew thatit was

Since most signs are made to be visible from distances of one hundred feet or more and at speeds

"Be aware that a hit-and-run is considered a major violation, so if you're caught and cited not only is it likelyto

I still struggle to come to terms with it, despite overwhelming, conclusive evidence thatit is true: A small percentage of the population will steal

steal meaning, definition, what is steal: to take something that belongs to someon...

If your actual license or passport is stolen, it can be altered to include a picture of someone else, further complicating the situation and potentially

On a typical day you're likelyto encounter dozens of ways your identity can be stolen.

That would be the main factor to help better answer your question. Just be aware that the salesman isn't trying to rip you off, ask for the car facts, if available.