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By definition, a marriageofficer is anyone who is legally authorised to officiate a wedding ceremony. It is a minister who is licensed by their state to legally marry two individuals.

Using a recognised marriageofficer to plan your wedding Marriageofficers are available throughout the island and may be requested through the: Registrar General's Department

* Following your marriage in Jamaica, you will be given a copy of the Marriage Register which shows proof of marriage. This is signed by the MarriageOfficer, yourselves and your witnesses. The Marriage Register is NOT a legal document. Its more like a receipt to say you got married.

Jamaicamarriage records are sent by courier. the marriage image by Warren Millar from Getting married in a tropical paradise is a pretty

JamaicaMarriage License Fee. Cost of the license is approximately US $80 (equivalent to approximately 4,000 Jamaican dollars). There are non-denominational MarriageOfficers who can officiate either at their offices, in their homes or at a place chosen by the couple, and are able to...

Getting married in Jamaica means you can choose to go bare-footed, you can choose a f...

Getting Married in Jamaica. Jamaica is an unforgettable location to have your wedding. To ensure that the planning of this special day runs hassle-free the

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Visitors can be married 24 hours after arriving in Jamaica, providing prior application has been made for a marriage license to the Ministry of Justice.

Several pastors across the island could surrender their marriageofficer's licences in protest of a decision by the Registrar General's Department

Getting married in Jamaica is the best way to truly show your love. My island Jamaica is the Caribbean’s number one wedding and honeymoon destination. Every month, thousands of couples choose Jamaica as the ideal location to get married. On this page, you will find important information...

A comprehensive list of MarriageOfficers throughout South Africa. Find more information and contact details for MarriageOfficers.

Several pastors have threatened to surrender their marriageofficer's licences in protest of the decision by the RGD to charge them $10,000 to register, plus an annual registration fee. "Some of us can pay it I am not squealing about it, because God will provide it.

British Nationals Married Overseas (1818-2005). An index to marriages of British citizens overseas that were registered with the British Consul or High

JamaicaMarriage Requirements. Residency Requirement: 24 hours Necessary Documents: Certified copies of birth certificates that include father's name; proof of divorce

One of the highlights of my 35 years in the ordained ministry has been officiating at marriage ceremonies. I’ve always had a passion for marriage ceremonies, and that hasn’t changed one iota. I remember the first wedding I officiated at as if it were yesterday. Ek is redelik vlot in Afrikaans, en is...

Getting married in Jamaica: Jamaica wedding requirements and tidbits you might not know. Jamaica weddings are legal in US, UK and world.