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If you thought JosephGordon-Levitt was a versatile actor, his performance as host on "SaturdayNightLive" this week likely increased your

We already know that JosephGordon-Levitt can act, sing and play the ukulele. But he's also got a few high-octane dance moves up his multi-talented sleeves.

SaturdayNightLive host JosephGordon-Levitt performed a MagicMike striptease dance during his opening monologue. So, in case you missed it, watch the video clip below: Warning: viewer discretion is advised.

JosephGordon-Levitt strips his clothes off in a MagicMike routine during his opening monologue on SaturdayNightLive‘s September 22 episode.

Check out JosephGordonLevitt spoofing MagicMike during his SaturdayNightLive monologue.

When JosephGordon-Levitt hit the SaturdayNightLive stage this weekend, we figured he might dance in his monologue as he did the last time he

Well, perhaps with JosephGordon-Levitt hosting the second episode — and for the second time — the star of such lady-friendly flicks

In what appears to be JosephGordon-Levitt‘s unofficial audition for MagicMike 2, in the video (above), he does an AMAZING striptease during his opening monologue from last night’s SNL. Get this boy a role in MagicMike 2 pronto! With moves like that, we are just salivating!!!

JosephGordon-Levitt put on quite the show as host of this week’s SaturdayNightLive. The 31-year-old got down to business right away, stripping down to first a vest, then a bare chest, for a recreation of his “favorite part of MagicMike,” which was also his “favorite superhero movie of the...

Last night, JosephGordon-Levitt hosted SNL with musical guest Mumford & Sons and overall, I found it pretty mediocre. The opening monologue was awesome, with Levitt doing a little parody of MagicMike and putting on a little strip show for the audience.

JosephGordon-Levitt gave viewers a little more than they bargained for when he kicked off his second hosting stint on SaturdayNightLive with a strip show.

JosephGordon-Levitt, who proved capable and energetic in his first hosting go-round in 2009 (his fantastic “Make ‘Em Laugh” monologue is still unavailable online due to music clearing rights, but seek if out if you can) pretty much stuck to that tradition. Once again he went for an elaborate sexy stunt in...

It seemed as though SaturdayNightLive was determined to up the energy-quotient this week, perhaps under the impression that

SaturdayNightLive host JosephGordon-Levitt wasted little time before giving the people what they wanted: a MagicMike -inspired strip tease.

JosephGordon-Levitt took his shirt off on SNL (via NBC). Just when you thought MagicMike was as good as it could get, JosephGordon-Levitt had to go on SaturdayNightLive and bust a move — shirtless. That's right, during his monologue, JGL explained that his favorite movie of the summer was...

HitFix’s Ryan McGee recaps the Saturday, September 22 episode of SaturdayNightLive, featuring JosephGordonLevitt as host and Mumford & Sons as musical

Actor JosephGordon-Levitt hit the SaturdayNightLive stage with a foggy MagicMike-themed strip number that also included a confetti cannon. To open this week’s SNL, JosephGordon-Levitt praised MagicMike star Channing Tatum before busting out his clothes for a male stripper themed dance...

Well, our love for JosephGordon-Levitt and our love for MagicMike have both been well-documented here at Glamour, but never in my wildest dreams did I think the two would actually

So let’s all watch JosephGordon-Levitt’s opening monologue from SaturdayNightLive last night! He took his shirt off!

JosephGordon-Levitt shirtless as MagicMike during his turn as guest host on SaturdayNightLive . Well, why not?

JosephGordon-Levitt let his pecs do all the monologuing on last night's episode of SaturdayNightLive. Everyone was thrilled, especially all of the inanimate objects that cozied up with JGL's crotch. Due to some song rights obstacles, NBC hasn't posted the video online.

Well, JosephGordon-Levitt was no MagicMike in this skit, but we did always wonder what the world's second most interesting man would be like. During his hosting stint on SaturdayNightLive, Gordon-Levitt plays the heir to the "Most Interesting Man in the World" Dos Equis empire.

Add Link for SaturdayNightLive Season 35 Episode 7 - JosephGordon-Levitt/Dave Matthews Band.

See JosephGordonLevitt do an impersonation of Channing Tatum in MagicMike! Watch only the first 30 seconds of the video to see JGL!

SaturdayNightLive brings back JosephGordon-Levitt tonight as host, with big plans to try to top last time around.

JosephGordon-Levitt, NBC, SaturdayNightLive September 22, 2012. We are almost to the second episode of “SaturdayNightLive” this season, and there is one question that is going to inevitably be front and center on our minds: will the show be able to match what was a pretty strong...

Did you know that JosephGordon-Levitt can even play a douche? It's true, as these two Tres Equis spots -- where JGL plays the son of The Most Interesting Man in the World -- deftly demonstrate. I hope he threw that facial hair in lye after these sketches.

JosephGordon-Levitt with Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Tatum | “MagicMikeLive Las Vegas" grand opening at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (April 21, 2017).