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This kid was playing some baseball with his parents. He missed the first pitch his mom threw at him; however, he connected with the second one but ended up hitting it towards hisdad in the process.

He managed to block the ball, but instead of using his bat, he blocked it with his.

This man noticed a kid trying to hit a stack of cans with three balls and wanted to show him how it was done. Hilariously, all three balls flew by the cans and not a single one hit the

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KidHits Dad. imek Mar 31st, 2016 0 Comment. Kid tries to hit golf ball but misses and hitshisdad.

Not only was hisdad was camped out there with his camera rolling, he used his free hand to catch the ball.

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Comedian Shane Todd from Hollywood, Co. Down conceived a game where he tries to hithisdad’s head with a ball every day during the World Cup. Here’s a compilation of his attempts so far. That poor poor man.

Kid with limited baseball ability. He had never hit a Homerun in his life. Hisdad dies. Kid wants to play ball the next day to honor hisdad. Bases loaded. Kid goes yard. Penn Jillette is wrong.

Little DadWithBall. Browse through our collection of baby pictures, educational worksheets for kids at

This little kid rips hisdad's pitch right back at him and get him where it hurts. If only he was wearing a cup.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is about Robert Kiyosaki and his two dadshis real father (poor dad) and the father

The dad-of-two displayed lightning-fast reactions to slap away the spinning bat just as it threatened to

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kidhitwithball. Uploaded by Claw on December 28, 2014 at 9:39 am.

Coincidentally, the internet is filled with videos showing exactly that: kids literally breaking their dads' balls. A common theme among these painful home movies, however, is that they often feature doting parents, lovingly committing their precious time to teach the little bastards how to not play sports like...

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But his next shot hitshisdad on the head—bonk!—and that’s only the beginning. All ends well, though, when Froggy presents hisdadwith a special

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Show Dad how much you enjoy it by colouring in our kicking a ball with Dad colouring page.

A nine year old boy was playing football with a friend at a void deck when the ball accidentally hit a girl on her shoulder.

Gregor, 22, had hit the ball right to hisdad, Marty, who made a deft basket catch to prevent it from flying over the guard rail. The 3-run shot ended up winning the game for the River Bandits and making a 5-hour drive to the game totally worth it for Gregor's mom and dad. "It's a little unbelievable, but I'm...

We all know that dad's are the ultimate jokesters, so trying to troll them might not be the best idea. In this kid's case, he quickly learns how he made a terribly poor decision.

Hit my kid,’” said (Archie) Manning who was still feeling the effects of back, knee and neck surgeries. This is, of course, an amazing Peyton Manning story

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Toby told Australia's Today show when their first video went viral: "At first my dad heard the song on the radio and needed a drum beat and said, well

Daebak gets hit twice and starts pouting and planning his revenge. After seeing Seo Jun use a water balloon to spray water, Daebak hitshisdadwith

For countless days, this kid pranked hisdad by unexpectedly shooting him with his Nerf dart gun. The dad’s responses are hilarious. This dad has the patience of a saint. Now, this clip has gone viral as the weekend starts with over one million hits!

Of course, not all of the two-and-a-half hour talk made the final cut, but Rubenstein offered more outtakes from their chat in honor of Woods' 40th birthday on Wednesday, including a gem from Tiger about sneaking onto the Navy Golf Course as a kid to play with hisdad. "My mom’s dropping me off.

Thomas Guiry stars as the new kid on the block who joins the neighbourhood baseball team, but the real challenge comes when he hitshisdad's autographed ball into the jaws of a legendary guard dog.

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