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The ipod is not being recognized by itunes either? Any suggestions appreciated.

When i was trying to jailbreak myipodtouch, i reboot it because i wanted to use it and it was taking to long. I have tried to reset it many time. I let it die and charged it and nothing is working.

The iPhone gets stuck ontheApplelogo screen when there's a problem with the operating system that stops the phone from starting up like normal. It's very difficult for the average user to pinpoint exactly what the cause of the problem is, but there are a few common causes

From theApplelogo on your frozeniPodtouch. First, don’t panic! We can solve this without restoring from the iTunes backup save.

Myitouchis comepletluy frozen, it happend when i let the battery run really low and it crashed, gave me the option to sitch off and

After a few seconds, the normal applelogo comes on, but after a little bit the broken line and loading wheel appear, and after the wheel spins a few times, it's frozen the exact same way it started. I really wanted to be able to give this iPod to my mom for Christmas, can someone please help?

What does theapplelogoontheipod means. Topic: Asked by: Salvador In Consumer Electronics > Music & Music Players > Ipod.

Myipod just did that then I plugged it into the computer to see if that would didnt so with myipod plugged into the computer I reset it (hold

Like any mobile device, an iPodTouchis susceptible to freezing up from time to time, but Apple has a few different methods you can try to get your iPod up and running again.

Jailbroken iPodtouch 1g isfrozenontheapplelogo screen? i would guess u bring it to any place where they have "apple" or "ipodtouch's" would be my guess but i have a problem to lol . mine is when u open ur ipod for the first time and it shows that CD with a note on it and under it it says itunes...

If your iPhone, iPodTouch, or iPad is stuck ontheApplelogo boot screen, follow these steps below to restore your iDevice to its former glory.

Your iPad frozeontheApplelogo and you’re not sure what to do. No matter what buttons you press, your iPad simply won’t turn back on.

"iPod Only Shows an AppleLogo and Doesn't Start Up" from theApple Support Site notes that "you may need to restore or update iPod by placing it

The jailbreak seemed to be running fine. I tapped the evasi0n 7 logo and it jailbroke. After it said "finished" I was waiting for it to boot (I know you can close the app and unplug but i always wait to be safe)

well i have the 3.1.1 software on my first gen. iPodtouch and one night i restarted the iPod by pressing the on/off button along with the home button and it turned right back on and only showing theapplelogo for about 15 to

My brand new imac is stuck ontheApple icon and the bar is stuck halfway after it restarted itself when updating

The 5 ways of getting iPod, iPhone and iPad frozenonapplelogo out of reboot loop works for almost all the iPod, iPhone and iPad models. That’s to say, by following the steps in the 5 methods below, you are able to fix iPhone 1st gen, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c...