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I like to wet sand for final painting so if you’re sanding a 2K primer, an epoxy or even a clear-coated surface or maybe if you have a car with an

Sandpaper comes in dozens of textures, or grits, to do required job. Coarse, rough grits (40-100 grit) remove a lot of excess material like body filler quickly and easily. Progressively finer grits (180-600 grit) refine the surface and help to hide the repair by seamlessly blending it into the surrounding body work.

Block sanding is when you wrap the paper around a backing pad or a block. It will help you evenly distribute hand pressure across the sandpaper making it easier to sand

Essentially, wet sanding is the process of sanding a car with water. The water acts as a lubricant and vehicle to remove the paint dust that would normally just clog up the sandpaper and get in the way. Start by liberally spraying an area a couple of square feet in size with your water-filled spray bottle.

I started to sand in between coats for a second and mysandpaperclogs up almost immediately.

Use the 400 grit paper to block sand and remove any primer runs then 600 grit to provide a good surface for the paint.

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When you're sanding fresh finishes, especially water-based products, there is a tendency for them to form slightly sticky "balls" on the surface of the sandpaper.

How to Use Sandpaper. Sandpaper is an essential tool in woodworking and other crafts. Using sandpaper properly will give you a polished, smooth surface that is ready for paint or stain, while using it improperly can leave your wood full of...

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Sanding belts, PSA, hook and loop discs & sheets, back up pads, sandpaper rolls, sanding sponges for woodworkers, bowl turners and automotive refinishing.

Sandpaper is made of mineral abrasives that remove layers from surfaces -- usually wood and metal -- to help paint or other sealants adhere better.

Sandpaper will help. Make a difference to your company from day one.

Emery acts for both power sanding and hand sanding metal. They are beneficial for separate rust or paint as well finer grits to polish.

Before you go and sand the whole car, do a test on a small area; a lower corner in the rear bumper is a great place to do your test.

Sandpaper is not one-type-fits-all. Here are the basics of each common type and how to choose the right one for your project.

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