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Effort Values are like points - each time you battle a wild Pokemon or an in-game trainer's Pokemon, it will increase your stat's EV count by a certain amount of points, for example, beating a wild Gardevoir will increase your Special Attack EVs by 3 (See the Psydex for a quick list). For every 4 EVs you earn...

Effort Values (or EVs) were once a hidden set of stats that made each Pokemon unique. Originally, these values were created to make each Pokemon

EV stands for 'effort value'. 4 Evs will increase a pokemon stat by 1 point, the maximum amount of EVs in a stat is 255 but the recommended maximum is 252 so you

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List of spots for EV Training in Black and White. Location: Pokemon Species (# of EVs earned) appearance rate. HP: Iccirus City (surf): Stunfisk (2 ) 100

I will list some Pokemon and their EVvalue at the start of each section. I will then follow it up with my own training method. Mine is focused on expediency, getting the most out of any one area in the least amount of time. I got this information from various sources (There is a decent EV Hotspot training...

Pokemon Sun and Moon Best Pokemon. Every mon is not created equal, some have more defensive and HP stats then other. Pokemon Sun and Moon Best Pokemon tend to be those with high values across the board adding up to a large total amount.

This webpage will teach you where to EV train your pokemon in the free to play MMORPG Pokemon Planet! Click here to find out how to EV train pokemon perfectly.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon EV training guide and EV training locations. Today, I'll be teaching ...

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PokemonEVvalues and IV stats for creatures in Pokemon Black and White make a big difference. Learn how PokemonEV stats affect competitive Pokemon tournaments.

EV Training is a form of Leveling Up a Pokemon by fighting certain Pokemon that have values that benefit your Pokemon (for example: Knocking out a Pokemon

What is an "EV"? EV stands for “Effort Value.” They determine what stats your Pokemon gets upon leveling up and are gained from battling any Pokemon you come across in the wild. How do EVs affect stats? For every 4 EVs you gain in a...

EVs, or "Effort Values", are external values important to the overall training of a Pokemon.

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What are EV's, well EV stands for Effort Values, there are a series of secret stats that your Pokemon will earn over your time of battling. You cannot see these values, but their there. And if you know how to harness these stats, then you can build a better well rounded team.

Whenever one of your Pokemon takes part in defeating a wild Pokemon or a trainer (ie. they get

EV (Effort Value) Training is training a certain Pokemons stat. For example speed, attack, defence, etc. Now, here's an example of a level 1 Pikachus stats