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Ask these questions while apartment hunting to avoid finding yourself in a bad situation: 1. What are the lease terms? Ideally you should already be aware of when

It’s crucial to know what questionstoaskwhenrentinganapartment, especially in the early stages of anapartment hunt.

RentLingo’s Apartment Checklist. Knowing what questionstoaskwhenrentinganapartment and knowing what to look out for during apartment walkthroughs are some of the most important aspects of the apartment search process and can make or break finding a great new home.

I've moved a lot in the last 15 years. I've lived in tiny dumps and large "luxury" apartment complexes. Over the years I've encountered a number of problems and surprise amenities. This is my checklist when I am looking for a new place to live. Feel free to send me questions you ask. I'll add them here.

Scoring anapartment next to a wide-open space or with an excellent city view is a huge bonus, and can easily influence your

What questions should you askwhenapartment hunting? These are the most important answers you need before you start renting.

Here is a list of 50 questions you need toaskwhenrentinganapartment. Make sure you ask each and every one of them.

Following is a list of 3 questions that an individual should ask themselves to know if they are well-prepared for their house search process. Question 1: Have I considered all low rental options? Rentinga low-income apartment does not mean that you compromise on necessities.

Failing toask the right questions could lead you to the wrong apartment for you. Read and understand these 12 important questionstoaskwhenrentinganapartment

Ask pertinent questions prior to moving into your new abode. You have big plans to move into a new house or apartment.

Rentinganapartment comes with a checklist of questions that differ from what you might askwhen looking into rentinga house, for instance. Getting some general answers ahead of the time can save you from being hit by at least a few unexpected or even downright unpleasant surprises later.

Narrow down your apartment choices with these questionstoask the landlord or property management before signing a contract.

Asking these questions before rentinganapartment — instead of waiting to find everything out afterwards — can save you a lot of stress.

So I developed a list of questionstoask during that 5-minute showing to get all of the answers I would be looking for during a longer visit. I used many of these questions during my most recent apartment hunt, and they worked exactly as designed: I got the landlords/property managers to share all kinds of...

And ask how much extra it will cost you. 3. Is the location convenient enough? In classic razzle-dazzle New York real estate form, landlords and

Rentinganapartment in every city presents its own challenges when you’re in the market, so it’s tempting to sign a lease after the first apartment

Second, the apartment seems like a great deal - $2,325 for a 1/1 (a decent size one compared to some other ones I've seen.) It has a dishwasher, A/C in the living room, all new appliances, and a true

Ask the landlord for an itemized list of furnishings that come with the apartment. You can compare it with other furnished apartments for rent. Vague descriptions of what’s included can be misleading, and if you’re in a highly competitive area, you may not have time to wait until you can see the apartment.

When hunting for anapartment, many renters fall into the same ugly trap: They get swept away with visions of painting the walls deep purple and having

How much is the rent? Does the rent include utility's water, electric, gas, cable TV, Internet, heat, hot water, taxes, community fees etc.

Check out these questionstoaskwhenrentinganapartment, and you’ll be on your way to finding the right place.

Locating anapartment can be a chore. If you know exactly what you want you’ll have toaskquestionsto ensure you get it. Here are 75 questions/tips to get you moving in the right direction. How much will rent increase each year? Have breaking and entering ever been reported for one of...

Looking to rentanapartment? Asking the landlord the right questions, and taking the appropriate action before you move in the apartment will not only save you a headache when

While some renters ask the "right" questions, they ask in the wrong way. Use these top 20

Rentinganapartmentwhen you are new to the country can be a difficult and complicated task. Also you might not be familiar with all the language and terms used.

Since rentinganapartment locks you into a binding contract, asking the right questions can make your first apartment experience positive

Luckily, when you are evaluating potential apartments to rent, there are a set of questions you can ask the landlord that will help you decide if this is the

QuestionstoAsk Prospective TenantsHere is some advice on questionstoask before renting our your property

When a landlord or leasing company is eager to rent to a tenant, they are also at their most forthcoming with information

Planning to find anapartment to rent? Make sure you ask these 6 questionsto help you find the best fit before you enter a lease agreement.

When you’re rentinga new apartment, set emotions aside and focus on gathering the information needed to make a sound investment in your living space.

Asking the right questionswhen meeting your potential landlord or property manager will give you insight on relevant information relating to a future housing situation and set the framework for further interactions with management. Rentinga new home is technically a business transaction and you will...

Apartments and apartment buildings come with an amazing array of amenities. From gyms and pools to private balconies, buildings have come a long

But there are a number of questions you'll want toask before you sign your apartment lease, which is a legally binding document and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you're looking for anapartment, there are certain questionstoask a landlord before renting the place.

Questions About the Apartment 1. Is the apartment convertible into a 2 bedroom (i.e., can you build a wall?)?

Finding the perfect apartment for rent in Phoenix, AZ, is no easy feat. There are many types of apartments in Phoenix, and each has