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Join sport of pigeon racing American RacingPigeon Union. Homing pigeons are so much fun. Build your own lofts. ARPU has over 100 years of experience.

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Breeding RacingPigeons. Proven bloodlines for performance and beauty.

Pigeon Racing Street Sign Race Racer Bird Coop Carrier Message Supplies Gift | eBay.

Pigeonracing is a sport whereby many pigeons are released and first one home is the victor. Pigeonracing demands you to incorporate a lot of techniques. From the beginning keep two pigeons.

Racingpigeons for sale,Keep your pigeons healty, Promotes the sport of racingpigeons as both a hobby and business opportunity, With racingpigeon tips

Road Training and RacingPigeons – Feed and Medication Program for Young Birds in Training. FEED – 3 times a day: Once in morning 2 hours before road training; Once mid-day; Once evening.

Pigeonracing hobbyists strive to selectively breed or purchase champions. They control every aspect of care in an effort to increase their chances of winning. Pigeonracers then release millions of...

Hialeah RacingPigeon Club is located in the West of Hialeah, Florida. The Club was founded in 1983 by Dr. Mariano Alzugaray, Jorge Robles, Albin Tarride and two others at the house of Dr. Mariano...

Pigeonracing requires a specific breed of pigeon bred for the sport, the Racing Homer. Competing pigeons are specially trained and conditioned for races that vary in distance from approximately 100...

CAMPANINI RACINGPIGEONS born to win. Top Pigeons Race Results.

Are racingpigeons the same as the feral pigeons that we see in parks and town centres? They are effectively the same species of bird, but racingpigeons are a world away from their wild brethren.

Our worldwide network of racingpigeon owners, trainers, racers and breeders provides a place to network, learn and meet new people.

BRITISH MASTERS NATIONAL ONE LOFT RACE will give pigeon fanciers and other entrants in the UK , Europe and around.

Tracing A Lost Pigeon. RacingPigeons have a metal or plastic band which contains the information needed to trace the owner. The Band will have information such as: IF 11 GOT 342...

Pigeon racing is a sport involving the release of specially trained racingpigeons, which then return to their homes over a carefully measured distance. The time it takes the animal to cover the specified...

RacingPigeon Disease's. Problems with your birds, Post here. Books/Videos etc.

Are the Good Ol’ Days of PigeonRacing Gone? Well it’s been over a week since the record breaking pigeon auction has ended where a long distance racer named Armando sold for almost three times...

Liberation Report. Unofficial results up Could all clocking sheets be posted to Colac RacingPigeon Club 141 Hearn St Colac Vic 3250.

Latest Results and Information for Central Cumberland RacingPigeon Federation.

100 RacingPigeon Rings(Depend on your choise,just one color. Quantity: 100 Pcs.

American Pigeon Journal Breed Specials & more. RacingPigeon Books for Sale

The latest Tweets from AU - RacingPigeons (@RACEPIGEON). AMERICAN RACINGPIGEON UNION A century of excellence in pigeon racing. Oklahoma City, OK.

The Auckland PigeonRacing Federation is dedicated to the Growth, Preservation and Support of pigeonracing in Auckland . Elsewhere on this site you will find a link to the race programme for the...

"Learn The PigeonRacing Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Strategies The Champion Pigeon Fanciers Are Using Everday For Consistant Winning Results!" Your information is 100% secured and protected.

Latest Results and Information for Central Coast RacingPigeon Federation.

Below is the race schedule for the 2018 young birds. Lexington and Covington will have separate releases except for the 300 mile race. Races are on Saturdays, shipping and knock-offs will be Friday...

The ARPU National Database is where you can see national awards, standings, and race reports. If you're a secretary you can also upload your ndb files!

King Pigeons, Utility King Pigeons, White King Pigeons, Large Squabbing Pigeons, 7 varieties of world-class King Pigeons for sale. Firm Sale Orders (562) 235-1829 - [email protected]

RacingPigeon Nesting Products. Pigeons love to make their own nests but you can give them a helping hand by providing good nesting material. Tobacco stalks are the perfect choice as they are...

The Homing Pigeons and Pigeons Online website was created by the partnership of Mr & Mrs J

We are offering Homing pigeons of racing quality. We don’t have any particular strain nor do we offer pedigrees. I am not claiming that these pigeons are all champion racers, but I do claim that these...

Stockists of products for breeding, training and racingpigeons. Free UK delivery available on a wide range of supplements, treatments and loft equipment.

All Tampa RacingPigeon. Join Our Club Today. Home Page. Race Information.

Zero delay! 5 Races - 7 Trains. 420km Final Race.

Homing Pigeon - Aves Columbiformes Columbidae Columba Livia. Sixteen ounces of muscle and feather, at times on the wing for twelve hours, flying at sustained speeds of 30 to 60 miles per hour.