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Round-HeadFraming Nailer (AV). Condition is Used. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground.

These roundhead plastic strip framingnails are excellent for framing, sheathing, truss building, subflooring, decking and much more. Please Note: Depending on availability, we may substitute this product with an identical interchange from another name-brand, such as Senco, Spotnails or SureFit.

Paslode 650385 RoundHead 3-Inch by .120-Inch by 30 Degree Paper Tape Collated Ring Shank Hot Dipped Galvanized FramingNails (2,000 per Box). High quality Paslode RounDrive Hot Dipped Galvanized Plus nails are collated to fire through the Paslode Cordless Framing Nailer (#900420)...

L Hot Dipped Galvanized Framing FramingNails 1,000 pc.

Here Bostitch had stopped making clipped head nails, they made the roundheadnails work in the clipped headframing nailers. the head is just offset.

Roundhead nailer vs clipped head nailer. Which is the right choice for your project?

Full RoundHeadnails and ring shank nails provide greater resistance to pull out. The largest sizes of conventional collated fastenings are the clipped head and full head nails which are used in framing, fencing and other forms of structural and exterior work. These nails generally have a shank diameter...

Roundheads have more surface area (of course). Some hurricane areas have adapted their use into newer building codes.

The clipped head nails take up less space, and so, you can get more of em together... but a full roundheadnail, does hold material better.

4,000 Pack, 3" x .131 Plain Shank, RoundHeadFramingNail, Fits Bostitch F21PL & N88RH True Value #411-135 & Most Other Stick RoundHead

FramingNails 5000pc. Hey, you can only buy 3 of these. Leave some for the rest of us!

FramingNails – B & C Eagle A3X131/22 RoundHead 3-Inch-by-.131-Inch-by-20 to 22-Degree Plastic Collated Smooth Shank FramingNail (500 per Box).

21 full roundhead coated framingnail. Plastic collated with smooth shank. Primary applications include: Framing, sheathing, subfloors, and roof decking.

Offset full roundheadnails are just that, the heads are not clipped but the shaft of the nail is not centered on the button (head). These nails were developed to work in a clipped headframing nailer but still meet code requirements for full head nails.

Paslode 650381 RoundHead 2-Inch by 0.113-Inch by 30 Degree Paper Tape Collated Ring Shank

Paslode 650387 RoundHead 3-Inch by .131-Inch by 30 Degree Paper Tape Collated Ring Shank Hot Dipped Galvanized FramingNail (2,000 per Box).