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Statistics In Support of Lowering the DrinkingAge. 1. Fewer 18-20-year-olds might be drinking, but those that do are drinking more in secret, as well

Country-by-Country Chart of Minimum DrinkingAge Laws. When available, each country is linked to a PDF document from the World Health Organization (WHO) detailing its alcohol policy.

No: The drinkingage of 18 in the us was raised to 21 decades ago, and few people are arguing it should be lowered again. Some people believe that lowerdrinkingages in europe are associated with young adults learning proper drinking behaviors earlier in

DrinkingAge In Europe Map by reddit user correiajoao. This is actually a bit of a trick question, as

Drinking wine with water is no big deal in Germany. The vast majority ofcountries worldwide allow alcohol to be legally consumed from a much younger age than the USA.

Lower the DrinkingAge! The law is causing worse problems than it solves. Tuesday, July 21, 2015.

Supporting Legal DrinkingAge of 21 “Most Regrettable” Decision of His Career Says Alcohol Expert and Former Official.

Lowering the DrinkingAge Countries around the world all vary on what they determine to be the legal age to consume alcohol; the United

Underage Drinking Statistics in the United States. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than half of

CR’s main goal is to lower the drinkingage to 18, combined with better education about alcohol use. McCardell has been joined by Barrett Seaman

The drinkingage should be lowered from 21 years old to 18 years old because at that age one legally becomes an adult, it would reduce the amount of unsafe drinking activity, and there are fewer drunk driving car accidents in many other countrieswith a drinkingage of 18. In the United States at the...

The legal age of 21 in the US has been in force since the National Minimum DrinkingAge Act of 1984. The organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving have sharply oppose d the lowering, given that some 25,000 deaths were avoided after the age was raised to 21.

I'm looking for arguments or statistics for comparing the drinkingage of a countrywith the number of alcohol related accidents in that country.

Proponents of the higher drinkingage says it reduces traffic fatalities and alcohol-related accidents while

The age of drinking has been an issue in our country for a long time and there are many regards on why the age is set at 21.

Drunk driving decreased in places with that didn’t increase the drinkingage. According to the US Department of Transportation, Canada experienced

[READ: LowerDrinkingAge May Raise Chances of Bingeing Later, Study Finds]. "There is very extensive literature on the drinking motives of

The drinkingage needs to be lowered. A. In this speech I'm going to talk about how the difference

Countrieswith a lowerdrinkingage appear to have fewer problems with alcoholism. People will drink in private, in potentially dangerous situations, whereas being able to legally obtain alcohol in public settings would be less dangerous. In addition to being able to serve in the army at the age of...

List ofcountries where there is no minimum drinkingage. Most countries are used to having a strict drinkingage, from 16 to 21 years old.These drinkingage mandates are put in place to keep young people from making bad alcohol-related decisions, especially as their brains are still developing...

The Minimum DrinkingAge Limit (MLDA) ofcountries varies a lot, depending upon their respective socioeconomic situations.