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Aftermath of LexingtonandConcord. The colonists did not show great marksmanship that day. As many as 3,500 militiamen firing

Jim Percoco brings to life the story of LexingtonandConcord, and explains the history behind "the shot heard 'round the world."

Battle on Lexington Green: Battle of LexingtonandConcord 19th April 1775 American RevolutionaryWar: picture by William Barnes Wollen.

Revolutionary Battles: The American RevolutionaryWar, the soldiers and the famous battles of the conflict.

LexingtonandConcord, Battle of. In the early spring of 1775, General Gage had between 3,000 and 4,000 troops in Boston, and felt strong in the presence of rebellious utterances that filled the air. He observed with concern the gathering of munitions of war by the colonists.

Resistance melted away at Lexington, and the British moved on to Concord. Most of the American military supplies had been hidden or destroyed before the British troops arrived. A British covering party at Concord’s North Bridge was finally confronted by 320 to 400 American patriots and forced to...

The Battle of Concord was the first serious conflict of theRevolutionaryWar. It again was fought on the same day as the battle of Lexington, April 19

By the morning after the Battles of LexingtonandConcord, over 15,000 militia men had gathered from around New England. Knowing this was not just another alarm, they were ready to continue theRevolutionaryWar they were now a part of.

This battle marked the opening of armed hostilities between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in America.

The first skirmish of the American Revolution took place in Lexington, Massachusetts. These images depict the only pictorial record created by a.

So Concord (and the five battles on the way back) proved that the American militia could defeat the vaunted British army. Three fun facts: First

The battles marked the outbreak of open armed conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and

In February, the British Parliament declared the colony of Massachusetts to be in open rebellion and authorized British troops to kill the violent rebels.

As the British marched from Boston to confiscate munitions at Concord, the town of Lexington, Massachusetts would see the first shots and battle of theRevolutionaryWar. Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere On the 18th of April in Seventy-Five Hardly a man...

Many people were involved in the battles of LexingtonandConcord. • Broken down into the American Colonists and the British. •

The result of this war was a colonial victory and the start of the American RevolutionaryWar. This battle was very important because it signaled freedom

The Battles of Lexington & Concord were fought on April 19, 1775, and were the opening actions of the American Revolution (1775-1783).

The Battle of Concord and Lexington 1775Battle: Concord and Lexington 1775 War: American Revolution Date: 19th April 1775 Place: Boston, Massachusetts.

A brief description of the battles of LexingtonandConcord. Contains many good links.