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VLOOKUP is an Excelfunction to lookup and retrieve data from a specific column in table. VLOOKUP supports approximate and exact matching, and wildcards (* ?) for

The VLOOKUPfunction is a built-in functioninExcel that is categorized as a Lookup/Reference Function. It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) in

Excel’s LOOKUP function is used to find specific information that has been stored in a spreadsheet table. Lookup formulas can work vertically, looking for values down a column (VLookup), or they can work horizontally

Code It In this example, you create three calculated columns using the VLOOKUPfunctionin a variety of ways. It uses information about students at a

The VLOOKUPfunctioninExcel finds things in a table or range by row. The secret is to organize your data so that the value

VLOOKUP is an Excel function. This article will assume that the reader already has a passing understanding of Excel functions, and can use basic

1. Download the ExcelVLOOKUP sample file shown in the More VLOOKUP References section.

The most popular of the lookup functionsinExcel2007 are HLOOKUP (for Horizontal Lookup) and VLOOKUP (for Vertical Lookup).

How to use Excel VLOOKUPfunction, and fix VLOOKUP problems. Step-by-step videos and

Hi All Experts, In the attached file, someone had used a VLOOKUPfunction to accomplish things in the Master tab. I'm not familiart with this function and have to redo this.

In our example, we want to find the Total Value Rating of the PGA Championship, so we type "PGA Championship" into cell H2 and VLOOKUP automatically produces the

, and then use the VLOOKUPfunction (in combination with another function) to get their totals for Week 1 and Week 2. For example, Bob Week 1 = 194706

How To Use VLOOKUP inExcel 2010This short tutorial uses Excel 2010 and sample file to show you a working example of the VLOOKUPfunction.

In this example, VLOOKUP enables you to easily see revenue by customer without searching

=VLOOKUP (lookup_value, table_array, col_index_num, range_lookup) In the above syntax, the argument "lookup_value" denotes the numerical or text value to be specified in the first column

VLOOKUP is a very useful function for easily searching through one or more columns in large worksheets

Example 3:In this example we will try to write a code that adds the Department field from the Employee Table 1 to our old Employee Table.

Use the Vlookupfunctionin Microsoft Excel2007 to return data from a range of cells. Vlookup looks vertically down a column and returns data from a different column for that record. Find more on the Excel Vlookupfunction at http...

Functioning of VLOOKUP inExcel. In the end, we tell the VLOOKUPfunction that we want precise result and that the function should not do any