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Swim paddles are a staple in just about every swimmer’s training. Here is everything you need to know about making the most of this piece of equipment.

Yes, there are some swimmers who truly do peak very young (and they’re seldom, if ever, males) but by and large, the most

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Does your little minnow seem eager to swim? Here are the signs that he's really ready, plus a guide

Whatagedid a German boy required to join the Hitler youth? By the age of 10, little boys joined Hitler Youth or Hitler Jugend.

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The most common swimming injuries are from overuse, showing that swimming is a generally very easy on one’s body as opposed to a critical injury such as a

What was it about Michael Phelps' body that made it so well-suited for competitive swimming? Long arms and short legs were just two advantages.

Learn to swim on your own with a little help from Swimator Blog. If you are after swimming

For his age he is a very strong swimmer. We have a pool at home that can be used most of the year and they are in the pool often.

Competitive swimming became popular in the 19th century. The goal of high level competitive swimming is to break personal or world records while

He started swimming at age 7, and was world champion and world record holder at 15. To test how consistent this is among elite swimmers, I came

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