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On the famous occasion when HM the Queen scared the shit out of the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by personally driving him at speed around

Theroyals often get driven, but they do drive themselves, too. Theroyals definitely don’t need to drive themselves if they don’t want to.

WHAT doestheRoyalFamily do? This is a question asked by many taxpayers who wonder, what are the likes of the Queen, 91, Prince Charles

She also happens to love her cars and theroyalfamily’s country estate in Sandringham is home to an absolutely gorgeous collection of ultra-rare vehicles.

This is what the members of TheRoyalFamily, including The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince William, actually do every day.

DotheRoyalFamily take a driving test? And how do they get their licenses? Driving rules for The Queen and Prince Philip.

The British Royals are the most photographed family in the world, so naturally there are plenty of pictures of the Queen and

Theroyalfamily cost each British taxpayer 69 pence last year (up 4 pence compared to last year), with courtiers insisting theroyalfamily is “excellent value for

Hi Does anyone know what type of cars members of theRoyalFamilydrive, both for personal use and official?

The Home of theRoyalFamily. Find out more about The Queen, members of TheRoyalFamily, History, News and Latest Events.

THEroyals may not have a huge family fortune to fall back on, but that doesn't mean they're sipping champers with their feet up while the rest of us are hard at work.

It seems the younger members of theRoyalFamily prefer German options. Audi supplied Prince Williams with a cool A5 Sportback, while both Harry and Kate have been known to drive an S3 and A3 respectively. Prince William hasn’t always driven around in flash cars.

Familydrive-in theatre in Stephens City is a two screen classic drive-in theatre serving the

How DoestheRoyalFamily Make Money? / Andrew Winning-WPA Pool/Getty Images. Queen Elizabeth II is considered a "constitutional monarch"

According to theroyalfamily's website, this inheritance initially came from Her Majesty's father, King George VI, and also consists of a valuable artwork and stamp

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The current RoyalFamily, the House of Windsor, originated in 1917 when King George V proclaimed the last name of the family to be Windsor. However, the roots of the English monarchy trace back to the eighth and ninth centuries. Centralized systems of government came into existence in England...

Because theroyalfamily is always driven by police officers while performing their official engagements