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US residence status only removes the need for a visafor the USA. Outside the USA it has no validity, it is your Turkish citizenship which determines

Australians generally needvisasforcountries that don't see a lot of Australian tourists. I won't list them all but a few notable mentions are

Well, what you really need to be bothered about is the type of visa you are getting when you do decide to visit Australia, checking through Australian immigration (they have different types of visas to suit the purpose of your stay), the length of stay and your passport. Visasfor permanent residence.

Citizens of the countries that don’t need a visa to enter the Schengen zone are however not allowed to reside in the traveling destination for the time desired without any other legal permission. The amount of days permitted to stay in any of the Schengen zone countries doesn’t exceed 90 days/ three...

DoAustralianneedVisafor Europe? Requirements For Travel to the UK from Australia: To travel to the UK, Australiancitizens surely do not require a visa and this is valid for a stay up

Australiavisasfor US citizens are usually processed and approved within 24 hours when applied for via the Australian Immigration of Department website. Be extra careful not to make mistakes on your application form as this could cause delays or a cancelled trip. iVisa can check, process and simplify...

There are countries providing e-visas to Australiancitizens as well. Getting a visa through online

What Are Countries That Require Visasfor US Citizens? If you are planning an international trip, it’s

Here’s what you need to know about a few of the more frequently visited countries that require visas from U.S. citizens upon arrival.

What you need to do to become an Australiancitizen depends on when you arrived in Australia: On or before 26 February 2001: Check if you are an

Yes, an American citizenneeds a valid visa to visit Australia. However, if you want to stay only for a maximum of 3 months, you can also

U.S. citizensneed a visa when traveling to Brazil for any purpose. You must have proper documentation, including a visa, upon landing

You do not need to apply for any visa to re-enter Australia. Also, you cannot be deported for crimes committed after becoming a citizen. Applying for a passport. As an Australiancitizen, you are entitled to an Australian passport, which might be easier to travel with. Receiving help from an Australian...

It is for short term stays for either tourism or business visitor activities. What do I need to make an application?

DoAustraliancitizensneed a visa to visit India? It was made mandatory for all nationals visiting India to

Australiancitizens are REQUIRED to apply for valid visas to enter Vietnam for tourism and business purposes and meet the entry requirements: Australian passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the arrival date in Vietnam. Passport has 2 blank pages for visa stamp.

Visa Requirements – Understand what is required for an ETA visa. Visa Eligibility – Check your eligibility to apply for an ETA Visafor UK Citizens to Australia.

You need a visa to travel to Australia. British citizens can get the following types of electronic visitor visa

Australiancitizens can visit lots of countries without the need to apply for a visa prior to travel, however there are some countries in Europe which

Ethiopia: You do not need an Irish transit visa if you hold a passport or travel document issued by Ethiopia and you hold a current and valid entry visafor the USA or Canada and you intend to transit via Ireland from Ethiopia on your way to the United States or Canada.

Get more information about Vietnamese visas and visas on arrival for Australiancitizens.