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When shopping for an airconditioner, you will come across the acronym BTU. Here's what it means, why it matters and how you can figure out the

BritishThermalUnits? Well it might mean that. I haven't had an airconditioner in years but I think it shows the cooling capacity of the airconditioner. You need to determine the size of the room to cool before just buying an airconditioner. You might need a 5000 BTU unit or even a big one like 10,000...

And buying an airconditioner that is too big for the room can have its problems too. So the main question is whatdoesBTUmean?

Will a 12000 btuairconditioningunit cool a 1000 square foot room? Here is a standard BTU to sq. foot chart to help: To cool this area, look for this size air

This unit does not tell how much energy the airconditioner or furnace consumes in a season.

So whatdoesBTUmean? BTU stands for BritishThermalUnit, though the term isn't only used in the United Kingdom. It's a measurement that's part of the

So a 2-ton central airconditioning system can remove 24,000 BTUs of heat from the air per hour. It should be noted here that airconditioner tonnage has

BTUmeansBritishThermalUnit. Btu inAirconditioning represents Ton of refrigiration.

A 10,000 BTU airconditioner refers to the size of the airconditioning unit and the amount of area it can cool, which is approximately 450 square feet.

This 6000 BTUairconditioner has an EER of 11.2 and an estimated year cost of $50 (high setting).

Window airconditioners typically have a cooling capacity ranging from 5,000 to 12,500 Britishthermalunits (Btu/hr.). As a rule of thumb, an air

A BTU (BritishThermalUnit) is a unit of measurement of thermal energy. Make sure you check the BTUs

The Britishthermalunit, or BTU, is a unit of energy, one that is used to quantify the heating and cooling power of, water heaters, airconditioners and similar

The cooling capacity of airconditioners is measured in BTUs, or Britishthermalunits. The more Btu of capacity, the larger the room the airconditioner can cool. Scientifically, one Btu is the amount of energy required to change the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit.

When comparing airconditioner systems, the BTU is a handy measure. There is a catch though. In HVAC, we aren’t just interested in BTU but how many BTUs can be exchanged in some set time. Although you will see equipment rated by BTU, we usually meanBTU/h (per hour)3.

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BTU (BritishThermalUnits) and What They Mean – You found the right portable airconditioner for your needs.