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Genderstudiesdoes something similar, except it teaches you the skill of analyzing situations and literature withan eye toward gender implications.

A woman’s studiesdegree had even worse job prospects than an art of theater major. Options are very limited with many potential employers seeing it as a negative.

Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies majors, double majors, minors, and graduate minors develop skills highly valued by employers and graduate schools.

AGenderStudiesdegree provides a multicultural lens to critical thinking and reflecting on current and systemic societal issues which are pervasive in

A degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies prepares you for almost anything. It’s an interdisciplinary course of study that introduces students to hidden histories, explores complex social structures, confronts injustice and oppression, and hones the skills of citizens of the future.

In what ways dogender stereotypes influence politics and literature? How does our society compare to others in its treatment of women?

Do you know what a lobbyist actually does? What about a search engine marketer? One great way to research different industries and jobs is to get in touch with past alumni and ask for informational interviews.

Theoretically, agender/black studies graduate could get this job. However, if someonewitha Human Resources Management degree shows up, who is

What Can I dowithaGenderStudiesDegree—Links to a variety of career opportunities? From the GenderStudies Program at Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana.

What have some of our students gone on to do? I recently graduated from the Acadia University Women's and GenderStudies Program with honours. I have accepted a CIDA internship with the Malawi Government in the capital, Lilongwe. My position is agender specialist working on promoting...

Alumni leave our department equipped with critical thinking skills and practical experience, allowing them to pursue opportunities in the business, education, health care, social work, and dozens of other fields. Moreover, many alumni comment on how their time in Women's Studies solidified their...

What is a Master in GenderStudies? This degree educates students about the complex issue of

Thinking about Studying Women’s and GenderStudies? Does serving others while making an important and significant impact on your community appeal to

Whatdo I need to know about accreditation? What kinds of Sociology degrees are there? What can I dowitha Sociology degree?

45,538 GenderStudies jobs available on Apply to Lecturer, Foreign Language

The Gender & Sexuality Studies major does not dictate a career; much better than that, it provides you with many unusual and

Further study. Whatdo marketing graduates do? Although marketing is a popular graduate career, making entry extremely competitive, there are many paths

Do well in your classes. Potential employers and graduate school will look at your transcript and overall GPA.