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Whatdoestheterm dark horse mean? It is an unknown or surprise candidate for an election Read More.

Determining whether a state is a battlegroundstate is usually done through political polling. This polling will show, in general terms, how competitive

Hi, whatdoes "the average battlegroundstate" mean here? I know the meaning of battleground, but I don't know why

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The Battleground acronym/abbreviation definition. The Battleground meaning is An instanced battlefield

Find out what is the full meaning of battleground on! 'BattleGround' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource.

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If you mean "why do people CALL it a battlegroundstate", it is because the two major parties split victories in statewide races fairly evenly.

And what are the states with the weakest battleground credentials? Three states, along with the District of Columbia, have not had a single contest decided by less than 10 points since 1968: Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah. Republican presidential nominees have dominated these states across the last...

The states highlighted on the map below are being targeted as most likely to apply for an Article V Term Limits Proposal Convention. We hope you will do what you can to get your state to pass theterm limits model legislation. If your state isn’t listed and you are still interested in getting involved...

AMY GOODMAN: Whatdo you mean by factory farms? ED GARVEY: These would be like 10,000 hogs in one location

All were battlegroundstates in the previous two elections. But that doesn’t mean the map is constant: As the states’ demographics change, and the parties’ relative appeal among various groups transform, some states move toward one party or the other over the long term.”


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The way the state government is formed. In a regular state most of the power goes to the state, in a commonwealth some activities that the state should perform is divided among the counties.

Early voting is on the rise again this year and could make a crucial difference in several battlegroundstates.

The US political system being what it is, there are plenty of possibilities for a tie vote this evening. Fortunately, Randall Munroe of XKCD fame has

Whatdid Alexander Hamilton argue about war in Federalist No. 69? A surprise attack on the United States is the only justification for war by presidential

What will mid-termsmean for Trump? If Republicans lose control of either chamber of Congress

As Clinton and Trump take to a busy day on the trail, CNN's John King takes a look at the latest battlegroundstate polling in FL, IA, OH, NC, and PA .

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States send delegates to the electoral college according to the state vote - with 48 out of 50 using a

The Lone Star State is changing. With its size and diversity, our state should be a place where all elections – from local elections all the way up to

How are battle-ground voters chosen? Every battleground poll is different, varying chiefly on what Senate and congressional races a pollster defines

What is the definition of theterm battlebus? BattlegroundState. BattlegroundState Definition - whatdoesthetermbattlegroundstatemean?

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Clinton leads Trump in three key states after the conclusion of the political conventions, including in all-important Ohio, new polls show.

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When Battleground and the state party tried to compensate late in the game by running their own

Whatdo Democrats in West Virginia and Republicans in California have in common? Many likely knew that their presidential election votes wouldn't "count."

‘The candidates made a beeline to battlegroundstates this weekend.’ ‘Still, thousands or even hundreds of votes in a battlegroundstate can be significant.’ ‘He visited West Virginia, a battlegroundstate in the November elections.’

The Washington Post reported yesterday: No state voted more heavily for the GOP presidential nominee in 2012 than Utah.

In United States presidential politics, a swing state (also, battlegroundstate or purple state) is a state in which no candidate has overwhelming support, meaning that any

See why the conflict unfolding in North Carolina could be a testing ground for what’s to come in every state.