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The original trashcandrinks came to be at college parties. Everyone brought whatever liquor they had lying around and added it to a large container, such as a plastic bin or small garbage can. The host then added mixers and ice and the resulting drink was very strong and sometimes tasty, but sometimes not.

...the Irish TrashCan recipe was invented, but according to the website Irish Central, this drink only has an “Irish” moniker because the dang cocktail is green. Urban Dictionary says that the Irish Trash tastes like candy and is perfect as a St. Patrick’s Day cocktail. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for...

Trashcandrinks have been around for a while now and yet, they still got people talking about them. Here's atrashcan punch drink to get your party

The best recipe for a Irish TrashCan alcoholic mixed drink, containing Blue curacao, Gin, Light rum, Peach

This Irish TrashCandrink is a fun cocktail that mixes up a half dozen varieties of alcohol and then is topped with a can of Red Bull.

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Trashcandrink - sounds kinda quirky, but can bring a lot of fun to any gathering. With Tastessence by your side, you can be sure to find creative and amazing trash

Also known as the “Irish TrashCanDrink” in some circles, this drink is especially popular during St. Patrick’s Day due to its (sometimes) radiantly green color. Make no mistake, though—the trashcandrink isn’t actually Irish and, truth be told, it's not entirely clear where it came from.

The paper bag covers up what you are drinking. You could be drinking alcohol or you could be drinking soda pop.

While mixing punch in trashcans was invented by college students, trashcan punch is actually version of jungle juice. These two highly alcoholic mixed drinks are one and the same, but jungle juice actually was created out of necessity by American soldiers in the South Pacific during World War II.

The Irish TrashCan is a bright green drink made with Red Bull, gin, vodka, rum, peach schnapps, blue curacao, and triple sec.

The trash jar is supposed to be awe-inspiring or a WOW factor to get people interested in the

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BarNotes is an iPhone cocktail and drink recipe app that allows you to make world-class drinks any time.

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I would also like to know what fruit is the best to make "trashcan punch"/jungle juice!!!

Irish TrashCan. You don't have to be Irish to enjoy this cocktail. Once you get past the "Are you kidding me?" factor, what

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