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Diaryof a WimpyKid is ranked #1 in children's books indiary format, #1 in must-read books for 8 to 10-year-old boys.

Well to buy the Diaryof a wimpykid book you must be careful about the site from where you are buying.Here isthe Trusted Site to buy Diaryof

Kids of all ages love the “Diaryof a WimpyKid” books, and now that the movies are being produced, more people are falling in love with these charming

Who knew when the first "Diaryof a WimpyKid" book by Jeff Kinney was published in 2007 that by spring 2014 there would be

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Have you ever wondered which Diaryof a Wimpykid character are you well here is your chance. The characters you could get are Greg, Rodrick, Manny

There are thirteen books in the Diaryof a WimpyKid series, and four additional books: The WimpyKid Do-It-Yourself Book , The WimpyKid Movie Diary, The WimpyKid Movie

The Diaryof a WimpyKid is a witty and often humorous account of a middle school-aged boy named Gregory. The DOWK books are extremely popular

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Diaryof a WimpyKid is one of the sarcastic realistic fiction comedy novels which is for the children and teenagers as well and it is written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney. For the first time, the idea of this story ofwimpykid came into his mind in 1998.

The novel "Diaryof a WimpyKid" is set in the present-day. The setting is based around the main character Greg Heffley, who narrates the story.

This isthe greatest book in history of books, above the bible, above everything. I didn't like it that much. I love this book I always read it keep making

The WimpyKid series provided that to my son and I believe it can provide that love for many children. But even if it doesn’t, don’t give up.

...Kid (Diaryof a WimpyKid, #1): ‘I'll be famous one day, but for now I'm stuck in middle school with a bunch

What do you do? Sprint down the stairs, grab a box of cereal, shove the cereal in your mouth, get a jug of milk, chuck it down with the cereal in your mouth while putting on your shirt, try to chew the cereal and after that, squeeze toothpaste in your mouth and brush your teeth.

In the start of this richly illustrated series, the readers are introduced to the character of Greg Heffley, the young protagonist who finds himself beginning

Diaryof a WimpyKid: Greg's crush is Holly Hills, who is only briefly mentioned throughout the book and appears in some scenes. She is not a very