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Thevolumeofacup stays acup. But the specific weight of your coffee will be slightly higher than pure water.

Best Answer: I do not think that the term "1 cup" is part of the SI system of units. But I have checked a number of sources around my house and I find that all locally and European produced data gives 1 cup being equal to 250ml. The only exception I could find was an American measure which gave 1 cup...

If I submerge acup in a graduated cylinder filled with water, will the change of the water line show me thevolumeof the cup? Or is this not the case?

The symptoms of hyponatremia can be misinterpreted as those of dehydration. One soldier, who was misdiagnosed as suffering from dehydration and heat stroke, died from water intoxication as the

When measuring thevolumeof liquids, 1 quart is equal to 4 cups. There are 32 fluid ounces in a quart

Use scientific notation to represent thevolumeof one cupofwater.

I put 8 oz. ofwater in acup and added enough ice to make it 12 oz. When the ice melted it was still 12 oz. So if the polar ices melted, would it not cause flooding because it is all the same volume?

The weight ofwater was also initially defined as being 1 kilogram (kg) per liter, but that

The job ofa measuring cup is to measure liquid, especially water that's used for cooking and baking. North America measures in cups and ounces, while

Water is filled to one third of its height .Find the ht ofwater when cone is turned upside down. Hi, When I read this problem I saw a conical shaped paper cup, one-third full ofwater.

Whatisthevolumeof the cone? Round answer to the nearest hundredth. 2) if we collect rainwater in the cup in question 1 until the.

Make sure that your cupofwater and your cupof sugar are filled up precisely. What do you think will happen when you pour the cupof sugar into the

The problem, of course, is that one cupof sugar plus one cupofwater does not make two cupsof sugar water—thevolume will be much

That's why things are specified by weight, because volume is not reliable, especially in this case, where you have an arbitrary amount of gas in thevolume.